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China to Europe Rail Transport Service


China to Europe Rail Transport Service

VIPUTRANS is an international rail transport company with 20 years of experience in railway transportation. Our main railway services cover Europe. We can handle FCL and LCL rail shipmenst from any city in China to any country in Europe such as Russia , Belarus, Germany, Poland, Hungary,Turkey etc.

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FCL Rail Shipment

An FCL shipment, or full container shipment, as its name suggests, is a shipment that occupies the entire space of a container without having to share it with other merchandise

The benefits of FCL cargo are reduced risk of damage or loss and a quicker transit time.


LCL Rail Shipment

LCL, or groupage, as it is otherwise known, refers to shipments that take up only a portion of the entire container, and is shipped alongside other merchandise from other shippers in the same container. 

The benefits of LCL cargo is a flexible and cost-effective option for transporting smaller, less time-critical shipments.

Less-than-container-load service (LCL) is the perfect option for cargo volume between range less than 20 cubic meters, but more than 0.5 cubic meters.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our China Europe Rail Freight service, which we’re confident will continue to revolutionise the way our customers transport their exports from China to Europe.

  • Scheduled LCL service exporting From China to Europe Rail Freight Train on weekly basis.

  • LCL Cargo loading volume minimum 1cbm upto 20cbm, no ceiling.

  • LCL Cargo pickup Door China & Door Europe

  • Door to Door delivery From China Europe Rail freight Train in 16-22days

  • Daily customer information on cargo movement.

DDP Rail Shipment

DDP rail freight is a new way to transport goods from China to international destinations. It is a cost-effective and time-saving option for suppliers and buyers. DDP is the abbreviation of "Delivery Duty Paid", which means that the seller will bear all duties and taxes at the destination.

We can handle DDP from China to Russia,China to France,China to Belarus,China to Germany etc.

We are able to provide door to door service in any city in Europe.

Once you hand over the goods to VIPUTRANS, we will handle everything from door to door: including warehouse pickup, export customs declaration, rail transportation. After the goods arrive at the port of destination, the freight forwarder handles import customs clearance, customs duties and VAT, and then delivers the goods directly to the consignee.

How Long It Takes From China To Europe By Rail Freight

Rail freight is a very efficient way of shipping goods from China to Europe. It takes 15 days to 20 days by rail freight from China to Europe, which is much faster than using other methods.

  • Rail Freight From China to Hungary in 15 days

  • Rail Freight From China to Germany in 16 days

  • Rail Freight From China to Hamburg in 16 days

  • Rail Freight From China to Belgium in 16 days

  • Rail Freight From China to France in 18 days

  • Rail freight From China to Poland in 14 days

  • Rail freight From China to Spain in 20 days

  • Rail freight From China to Italy in 18 days

  • Rail freight From China to Austria in 20 days

How To Book Cargo Rail Freight Between China And Europe ?

In order to make sure your cargo will depart on time, we highly suggest that you secure bookings for it at least 14 days before the actual departure date. You can do so by contacting us directly.

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