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Air cargo From China to Australia


Air cargo From China to Australia


Air freight is by far the quickest way to get your import or export from China to Australia. Some shipments can be completed in just two days. However, it’s the most expensive way to ship freight internationally.


  Air cargo cost: Total weight * shipping price per kg + other fee like pick up or customs fee.


Our air cargo service has variety direct flights to Australia, we offer door to door air courier service, it is a good option for cargo with the light weight less than 45 kg.As you know, DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS are the top 4 express companies in the word, they have set up delivery service in China and Australia for years. And their air cargo services is quick and safety.


The time it takes for an air freight from China to Australia depends on the different services of different airlines. If an air freight from China to Australia is going through Shenzhen to Sydney CA, then it is a direct flight. And if an air freight from China to Australia air freight from China to Australia is going through Shenzhen to Melbourne Airport it is also a direct flight. Moreover, it is also a direct flight from Shanghai airport to Australia. It takes about 20 hours to go direct.


The time of air freight from China to Australia does not only include the flight time of the aircraft, but also the local operation of the two sides. First, you have to make a reservation, then arrange the driver to send the cargo to the supervision warehouse at the customs of the airport. And then the agency will declare the export to the customs. After the airline receives the instructions from the customs, it can arrange a specific flight.

When the goods arrive at the Australian airport, the consignee needs to hire an international freight forwarder to clear customs, pay taxes and pick up goods. The process will be completed in one or two days. If the goods encounter Shanghai customs inspection or other problems, they will be delayed. So air freight from China to Australia, the whole air transportation time will be delayed.


VIPU international logistics provides international air freight from China to Australia services. There are many cooperative airlines, including SQ, CZ, CA, TG, CX, MU, Hainan Airlines (HU)


VIPU international air freight services has the receiving point at all airports across the country. It can provide air transport from Guangzhou to Australia, Shenzhen to Australia, Hongkong to Australia, Shanghai to Australia, Beijing to Australia, Chongqing to Australia, Yiwu to Australia, and Qingdao to Australia.


International air freight door to door from China to Australia services, first of all, you need to know whether your cargo meets the requirements of the airline. If you are transporting the liquid or battery products then they will need to be confirmed by the international air freight forwarder before booking of the cabin. With different airlines, the cargo to be transported through the air can be different.


Some airlines may fly with the cargo that may not be transported through by air with other airlines. When importing air cargo to Australia, you also need to consult with the local customs clearance company about whether your company has the power to import this product, and how much will be the import tariff and consumption tax? Once all of your items are confirmed, it is then a simple and easy operation for the international air transport Door to Door Shipping China to Australia .


You can either use the Chinese air freight agent to provide you with the Full course of the door to the door, or you can use local China's air freight forwarding agent. Australia uses the local customs clearance company. It takes only a few days for the warehouse to pick up goods to transport them from China to Australia.


Adelaide / Brisbane / Keynes / Canberra / Darwin / Gold Coast / Gold Coast / Hobart / Lang saarton / Melbourne / Perth / Sydney are available at the international airport destination at the airport in Australia. These all are the destinations where air freights fly from China’s airport to Australia which have air freight services.


Are you looking for a door-to-door air service and want to know how much the cost shipping from China to Australia by air, please feel free to contact us!

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