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Air Cargo from China to Canada


Air Cargo from China to Canada


Air Freight to Canada

Whether it’s via a direct cargo-only flight or indirect passenger services, air freight will be the quickest way to ship your goods. It is, however, by far the most expensive option.


A freight forwarder can provide you with quotes for ocean and air shipping to Canada based on the following criteria:

*The nature of the goods you wish to ship

*Your chosen mode of transport, be that air freight or ocean shipping via FCL or LCL

*How big your cargo is and how much it weighs

*The distance the freight needs to be moved

*Your choice of door-to-port, port-to-door, port-to-port or door-to-door delivery.


As mentioned above, the weight of your consignment affects the price of shipping. It can also affect your choice of air or ocean freight. If your goods weigh over 100kg, sea freight is usually the most cost-effective option. Under 100kg (but over 50kg) and there’s little difference between the cost of ocean or air shipping, so you might prefer to use the faster option (almost certainly air freight). Consignments weighing 50kg or under won’t be handled by a freight forwarder, so you should look to international couriers to transport these goods.


Air transportation is suitable for goods that should be sent  urgently, or when the price of the products is high, but the quantity is small (300-500kg).

With this mode of transportation, the delivery time and price are more flexible than sea freight since you can choose non-stop transfer or charter services, with different airline routes. There are 3 types of air freight from China to Canada:


Economic air freight: the delivery time is 6-13 days, the price is economical. It also is ideal for goods with low time requirements.

Standard air freight: It takes 4-7 days, lower price, and shorter time.

Emergency air freight: the delivery time is 1-4 days, speed priority, ideal for time-sensitive goods.


Air Freight Cost and Weight Calculation:

There are two methods for calculating the weight of the goods, one is to charge according to the actual weight, and the other is to charge according to the dimensional weight.


Standard air transportation – dimensional weight calculation method: Dimensional Weight = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/6000

So, you see, its dimensional weight is far larger than its actual weight.

If you pack your goods well and minimize its volume, you can save money.


Once your goods enters the airport of Canada, you face customs inspection and clearance processes. Three of the things you must know are: document checklist, inspection process, and HS Codes and taxes.


Documents to be prepared

a) Canada Customs Invoice or Commercial Invoice

b) Packing List

c) Bill of Lading

d) Customs Bond

e) Arrival Notice

f) Commodity Specific Documentation

g) Manifest or Cargo Control Document (CCD)

h) Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)

i) Import permits, certificates, etc.





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