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DDP Shipping From China To Europe


DDP Shipping From China To Europe


DDPDelivered Duty Paid

Thats mean from the exporting country to the importing country, the freight, insurance, and import duties of the importing country are all the responsibility of the seller.


However, this kind of trade terms is too risky. Many sellers will not sign such terms with customers. When customers buy goods by themselves, they need to find a local freight forwarder to help him deal with transportation problems. DDP It is the most worry-free choice for customers.


VIPUTRANS logistics was founded in 2002 with nearly 20 years of experience in international logistics, we have opened some DDP routes from China to Europe. Destinations include Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Sweden.The modes of transportation are rail freight, truck freight, sea freight and air freight. We'll clear customs, pay customs duties and deliver your goods door-to-door.


VIPUTRANS is a freight forwarder you can trust, we will deliver your goods to your designated Amazon FBA warehouse, business address and private address in a safe and timely manner.




*Air DDP To Europe

CountryRateTransport Time
Germany,Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France,Finland, Switzerland, Spain$8.337-11days
Norway,Portugal,Sweden,Greece,UK Hungary$137-10days

*Truck DDP To Europe

CountryTransport Time
Remark :Truck shipping needs to estimate the price according to the specific weight and volume

*Railway DDP To Europe

Country13-45kg46-99kg100+kgTransport Time
Germany$2.12$1.82$1.5230-35 days after train departure

Spain,Italy,Netherlands,Austria,Czech Republic

Greece,Belgium, Denmark,Sweden, Finland,Slovakia, Slovenia,Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary$2.58$2.27$1.97
Portugal,Lithuania, Romania,Bulgaria, Croatia$2.72$2.42$2.12

 *Sea DDP To Europe

Country13-45kg46-99kg100+kgTransport Time
Germany$2.27$1.97$1.6735-40 days after ship departure

Spain,Italy,Netherlands,Austria,Czech Republic

Greece,Belgium, Denmark,Sweden, Finland,Slovakia, Slovenia,Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary$2.73$2.43$2.12
Portugal,Lithuania, Romania,Bulgaria, Croatia$2.88$2.56$2.27

1. To protect the buyer

DDP shipments help the buyers not get swindled. Since the seller’s responsibilities assume all the risk and cost of shipping products, it’s in their best interest to make sure customers actually receive what they ordered. The time and cost associated with DDP shipping are too big of a burden for scammers to even consider using it. 

2. To ensure safe delivery to the place of destination for international trade

So much can go wrong when exporters ship packages halfway around the world. Every country has its own laws regarding transport, import duties and shipping fees. DDP makes the seller become diligent on only sending packages on the best and safest routes. 

3. To ensure safe delivery by sea or air freight

Depending on the type of product and where it’s sold, safe delivery by air or sea can be difficult. DDP is essentially a shipping agreement that ensures sellers don’t take the money and run.

4. To hold sellers responsible for international fees

If a buyer has to pay customs fees, there’s a chance the sale won’t happen because they don’t know the cost of these fees. With sellers and shippers paying international fees, DDP allows for a smoother purchasing experience because the buyer doesn’t have to worry about paying the fees.

  • Accept item with battery or items with magnetic, but you must declare it at first. If you do not report it, you will be charged a high fine.

  • Do not accept any imitation goods, pure battery, concealing will result in high fines.

  • Do not accept liquids, powders, food, medicines, flammable and explosive goods, antiques, currency, countries banned exporting goods, airlines and shipping companies banned goods, concealing these goods will result in high fines.

  • Asbestos or asbestos-containing products require an import license, concealing them will result in high fines.

  • Wooded products, such as wooden crafts, make-up brushes and other wooden products, must have the fumigation certificate. We can apply for fumigation certificate, but it will cause additional costs and delay the transportation.

  • The outer carton is recommended to use a new and sturdy carton. Do not have the logo or info which is not related to the goods.

  • We suggest the gross weight of a outer carton with items be controlled at 13~32Kg (if it is exceeded, it must be confirmed in advance to avoid rejection).

  • For the dimensions of the outer carton, The longest side length need less than 120cm, the second longest side length need less than 75cm and (Width + Height)*2 + Length<300, use cm as the length unit.

  • For goods that are not insured, if the goods are lost or damaged, the maximum amount of compensation based on the declared value of the goods and shall not exceed usd$100.

  • The delivery cost will not be returned.

  • You can purchase insurance for your goods, our insurance business partner have different insurance according to different goods, and have different deductibles.

  • 01
    Reliable Partner
    We are honest freight forwarder in China
  • 02
    Professional Service
    Professionals do professional things
  • 03
    Rich Experience
    We do DDP international shipping since 2002
  • 04
    No Hidden Fees
    We will give you the price list before shipping
  • 05
    Competitive Price
    We get heavy discount from freight company
  • 06
    We only choose reliable freight company

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