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Air Cargo from China to Georgia


Air Cargo from China to Georgia


If you need to ship items from China to Georgia tbilisi. All kinds of China freight we can offer from China to Georgia.


Air freight includes general and expedited air cargo services. With years' experience in delivery from China to Georgia Tbilisi Airport, all logistics activities like pick-up, delivery, customs clearance or documentation in China can be handled.


Tbilisi is an important airport in Georgia, Every day there are many cargo in China that waiting to send to Tbilisi ,GeorgiaIncluding common products, chemicals.


We have been focus on providing our customers the quality air freight service .Whether your cargo is in Guangzhou,Shenzhen,or Beijing , we can help you send the cargo to Tbilisi Georgia


Air cargo is indeed very quick and under 5-7 days you're sure to get your shipment.

It cost more to transport your goods via air freight compared with other shipping, but it will guarantee that your cargo arrives safely and in good time.


Air Freight from China to Georgia includes a load of packages and commodities via aircraft. An air vehicle could be commercial or charter. Transportation by air vehicles provides shipments an easier way to anywhere in the world.


If we want to do an air freight service, the following steps are indispensable.

1. Gathering the Shipment


2. Truck part Trucking in inland China


3. Transport document

This part is so essential and important. Documents are prepared for you by the shipping company. These documents contain information about goods, payments, shipping times and other things that you should always keep. Remember, these documents serve as evidence for you. If there is a problem with the goods you can follow up on the received documents and review your goods. As a result, be sure to ask for documents after the goods are delivered to the company.


4. Arrival of goods

In this section, your goods will fly to the air and as soon as they arrive at the destination airport, they will go to the special warehouse. After going through some steps and checking, the customer can pick up the goods from the warehouse. Customs clearance documents must be prepared beforehand. Otherwise, it will affect the pickup of goods.


We take good care of your every shipment from the begining to the end and update cargo information on time ,which will insure your cargo  is under good control .


If you have any inquiries, you can contact me anytime.

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