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Entrepot trade is the cargo shipping from which one country to China, and then transfer to Russia or others


Entrepot trade to make the business and shipment

Also known as transhipment, Entrepot Trade is where goods are imported into a country and then re-exported out, without being distributed within the importing country. For example, the cargo is shipped from India to China, and then transfer to Russia, it isbasically a trade in which imported goods are reexported with or without any additional processingor repackaging. It is entrepot trade.


This form of trade is used for a number of reasons, including access to machinery, the development of technology and to help reinforce international relations.

We will mediate the business, including storage, logistics and customs clearance. We can also handle the necessary certifications and approvals for the market.

Effectively representing Czech/ rest of Europe and foreign companies on the Russian market.

We know, how to represent Czech and foreign suppliers on the Russian market under our own name. with many years of experience, we know the Russian market. To our partners we are able to setup distribution at Russia on turn-key. Providing storage capacities, arranging mixed deliveries and covering customs formalities requirements.

Q: Which countries have we done in transit for now?

A: Singapore, Australia, European countries (Czech Republic, Germany), Southeast Asian countries - India, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan.

We also can help the client to buy from proven domestic and foreign suppliers. Afterwards we export to the Russian federation, whereas we maximaly eliminate risks attached to the the transport, duty payments and VAT. We are able to safely manage the storage of stock and arrange mixed deliveries. Delivery to the final place of destination is a common standard for us.

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