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    Air freight is not the most common freight method in the world but can be advantageous on specific purposes.spite its small territory, the UAE are owning seven international airports, which are deeply connecting the country to the rest of the world. It isn’t necessary to remind that China possess more than 50 international airports, amongst the busiest in the world. A lot of international cargo airlines are bonding China and the UAE with direct flights. Emirates SkyCargo, the Al Maktoub International Airport based company, is providing daily flights to the Chinese cities of Dalian, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Etihad Cargo is also linking greatly the two countries. On the other side, China Southern Airlines have cargo codeshare agreements with Etihad Airways. Other foreign international cargo airlines have weekly flights between the two countries also.

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Air Freight Rates 

*You must sort out the chargeable weight of your goods by calculating it with two different methods.

The two methods are:

· Gross weight

· Volumetric weight 1CBMx167KG


How Long Does It Take To Ship Cargo By Air From China To UAE? 

Shanghai-Pudong to Dubai International – 5 days

Guangzhou to Dubai International – 7 days

Xiamen or Beijing to Dubai International – 8 days

Chengdu to Dubai International – 10 days

Qingdao to Dubai International – 6 days

Shenzhen to Dubai Al Maktoum – 8 days

Shanghai to Abu Dhabi – 6 days

Guangzhou to Sharjah or Dubai Al Maktoum – 8 days

Shenzhen to Abu Dhabi - 7 days

Shenzhen to Dubai International - 5 days

Zhengzhou to Dubai International - 2 days


The Benefits Of  Air Delivery: 

· It is fast – has a delivery time of 5-7 days against 20-25 by sea.

· Has worldwide reach.

· The cargo is easy to track.

· Has a dependable delivery schedule, since the departure and arrival of airplanes is affected only by harsh weather.

· It does not involve LCL shipment.

· Air cargo needs less packaging than sea freight.

· It also has a higher level of security.

Airports Of  Origin In China 


Airport Facts:

· Best option when the supplier of your goods is based in Western China.

· Former military airfield in Sichuan Province.

· China’s fifth-biggest air cargo gateway.

· Handled over 600,000 tonnes of freight in 2018.

UAE Airports Served: Abu Dhabi.


Airport Facts:

· World’s third-largest hub for air cargo.

· Named the world’s top cargo airport in 2019 by Air Cargo World.

· Advanced facilities enabled freight handlers to process 3.7 million metric tonnes of freight in 2018.

UAE Airports Served: Dubai International, Dubai Al Maktoum, Abu Dhabi.


Airport Facts:

· Located 19 kilometers north of Chongqing in the Yubei District in Western China.

· Has three terminals with a fourth scheduled for completion within a decade.

· China’s tenth-busiest airport for cargo.

UAE Airports Served: Dubai International, Abu Dhabi.


Airport Facts:

· Located in the geographical center of China’s air network.

· Popular commercial trading and air freight hub in Hubei Province.

· Handles a quarter of a million tonnes of air cargo annually.

· A transportation hub connects the airport with the city of Wuhan, which is 26 km to the south.

UAE Airports Served: Dubai International, Dubai Al Maktoum.


Airport Facts:

· Located on the east bank of the Pearl River near Huangtian and Fuyong villages.

· Part of a Special Economic Zone.

· Thriving hub serving electronics manufacturers in the region.

UAE Airports Served: Dubai International, Dubai Al Maktoum.

Airports Of  Arrival  In The UAE 


Airport Facts:

· Located in the Al Garhoud District.

· World’s sixth-busiest cargo hub.

· Features highly advanced cargo processing facilities.

· Offers a specialist flower center to receive and expertly process your delicate and perishable goods from China.

Connected Airports in China: Chongqing, Beijing-Capital, Shanghai-Pudong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu.


Airport Facts:

· Opened in 2010 in Jebel Ali.

· Cost over US$75 million to build.

· Used to handle cargo flights exclusively but has been expanded to include passenger flights.

· Linked to Dubai International Airport—40km away—by an expressway.

Connected Airports in China: Guangzhou, Shanghai-Pudong, Wuhan.


Airport Facts:

· Second-busiest air cargo hub in the Emirates.

· Handles close to one million tonnes of freight annually.

· Has one of the most modern cargo facilities among the world’s international airports

Connected Airports in China: Chengdu, Beijing-Capital, Shanghai-Pudong,


Airport Facts:

· Modern cargo hub located 13 km Southeast of Sharjah.

· Has five cargo terminals.

· Can handle multiple types of air freight, including livestock and goods that require temperature control.

Connected Airports in China: None

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