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How to make trading between Russia and Europe Transit Customs without worry?


How to make trading between Russia and Europe Transit Customs without worry?

Since 2022 the business between Russia and Europe has been affected by Sanctions, trade restrictions, and political decisions.

Navigating trade restrictions and sanctions can be complex, and it's important to note that engaging in activities that violate these restrictions can have legal consequences. It's crucial to comply with international laws and regulations. That said, there are legal avenues and strategies that businesses can explore to facilitate trade, even in the presence of sanctions. Here are some general suggestions:

Compliance with Regulations
Use of Intermediaries
Use of Local Partners
Legal Consultation
Review Exemptions and License
Ensure that all transactions comply with international trade regulations and sanctions laws. Familiarize yourself with the specific restrictions in place.
Engage with intermediaries such as authorized brokers, agents, or trading companies that operate within the bounds of the law. These entities may have a better understanding of compliance issues.

Consider establishing partnerships with local companies or distributors in countries not subject to sanctions. This may involve setting up joint ventures or finding distributors who can legally import and distribute your products.

Seek legal advice from professionals who specialize in international trade law. They can guide how to structure transactions in a way that complies with sanctions and trade restrictions.
Some sanctions may have exemptions or licensing mechanisms that allow for certain types of transactions. Investigate whether your specific type of business activity falls within any such exemptions


How to find a reliable third company between Europe/USA and Russia that is not subject to sanctions to handle cargo from Europe to Russia, from Russia to Europe including payment issues and transport service?

VIPUTRANS makes the trade business between the Russian market and Europe/USA marketing without worries. We will mediate the business including storage, logistics, import/export, payment, and customs transit in China.

As a leading Chinese logistics service provider, VIPU Transit Customs specializes in assisting European businesses in expanding their trade and import-export activities into the Russian market. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we offer comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With our wide portfolio of personal contacts, we are well-equipped to deliver and place your products on the Russian market, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Expertise in the Logistics Industry:

With our deep knowledge and experience in the logistics industry, we have built strong partnerships with manufacturers. Our expertise lies in delivering your products efficiently to the Russian Federation, meeting the ever-evolving market demands in the logistics sector.

Confidentiality and Reputation:

At Custom China Transit, we prioritize the good name of our clients and maintain strict confidentiality and secrecy in all our business and service mediations. You can trust us to protect your interests and maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout our partnership.

Comprehensive Logistics Services:

Our comprehensive logistics services encompass the entire material flow, ranging from the design and development of individual components for production to the final distribution to the customer. With our overseas warehouse space located in the logistics center of main cities, we offer excellent transport accessibility and can cater to your storage needs, whether it's simple all-pallet storage or more demanding piece storage. You can trust us to store your goods, both long and short-term, ensuring their safety and accessibility.

Efficient Customs Services:

Navigating customs formalities can be a complex process. At Custom China Transit, we offer a wide range of customs services, including standard customs clearance and specialized customs processes. Our experienced team ensures efficient and trouble-free clearance, allowing your shipments to arrive in Russia as quickly as possible. With us handling customs clearance and VAT requirements, you can fully focus on your core business activities.

Tailor-Made Solutions:

We understand that each customer has unique requirements. That's why we work closely with our partners to design optimum tailor-made logistics solutions. Our team will analyze your specific needs and develop a solution that is both economically and organizationally optimal for your business. We strive to provide you with a competitive advantage in the Russian market, streamlining your logistics processes and enhancing your trade operations.

Trade Payment guarantee:

Strong cash flow between Europe/USA and Russia.

VIPUTRANS have company bank accounts covering Europe/USA/UK/HK/Singapore/Russia, it will be safe and fast to receive money and pay money from or to Europe/USA/Russia providing full financial and legal support for foreign trade transactions. We offer a full range of “foreign economic activities” services. Focused on small and medium businesses.

Effectively representing Europe/USA and foreign suppliers on the Russian market

VIPUTRANS understands how to represent Europe/USA and foreign suppliers on the Russian market under our own name. With 10 years of experience, we know the Russian market almost perfectly with setup distribution at Russia on turn-key.

Developed overseas supply chains:

developed overseas supply chains and partners in Europe, the United States, and Russia.

VIPUTRANS can pick up cargo and collect different supplier goods.

Domestic and overseas warehouse:

With domestic and overseas warehouses, all-round monitoring ensures safety. Scan and check the goods when enter the warehouse and update them to the system for viewing at any time.

Value-added service :

Provide customized services such as quality inspection, customer labeling, replacing logos, customized package consumables, and last-mile delivery.

Customs clearance :

A professional team will handle customs issues for import, export, and customs transit procedures.

Improve logistics operation efficiency and service levels and reduce logistics costs.

International Shipping :

VIPUTRANS fuse our global network with our depth of expertise in air freight, ocean freight, railway transportation, trucking, and multi-mode transportation to the world.

Customs transit :

Pick up cargo in airport/seaport/railway station, customs transit in China bonded warehouse, then transport to Russia.

Local warehouse / last-mile delivery:

Russia's local delivery service and import customs declaration procedure shortens delivery time to customers’s warehouse and enhance the purchasing experience.

Why rail freight is becoming a popular option from China to Europe?

Rail freight is increasingly gaining popularity as a viable option for transporting goods from China to Europe. One of the main reasons behind this trend is the strength and suitability of railway transportation for bulk materials. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also boasts environmental benefits compared to other modes of transport. In the past, shipments between China and Europe were often routed through Central Asia and Mongolia. However, with establishing a dedicated rail network, the direct train service has become more reliable and efficient, reducing transit times at hubs and alleviating the burden on air and sea freight services.

The rail route between China and Europe has connected over 15 major cities in China with more than 16 major cities in Europe. Depending on the specific route, each train is typically permitted to carry around 41 containers, although this may vary. In cases where the rail gauge system differs at borders, trains undergo a low-risk reloading process. It is worth noting that railways adhere to stringent standards concerning loading sequence, cargo weight, and container loading mechanisms. This level of scrutiny makes rail freight a preferred choice for transporting high-value products such as high-fashion clothing, electrical and mechanical items, and electronic components from China to Europe.

Overall, the growing popularity of rail freight as a transportation option from China to Europe can be attributed to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. With a well-established rail network and streamlined processes, rail freight offers a reliable and viable alternative to other modes of transport for businesses looking to transport goods between these two regions.

In conclusion, VIPU Custom China Transit is your trusted logistics partner for trading between Russia and Europe. With our expertise, comprehensive services, and dedication to confidentiality, we ensure the smooth flow of goods and facilitate successful import-export operations. Let us handle your logistics needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business in the Russian market.

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