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How will the domestic furniture luggage by sea to the UK?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
For many ready to travel to the UK work study life, need to take away a lot of luggage from China, and even some furniture, these items must be more than the random check limit, so the question comes, how the domestic furniture luggage shipped to the UK? Small make up specially finishing this article, I hope for your help, the first step to determine the logistics items in preparation for personal items can be shipped to the UK before, suggest to sort out what things need to be taken, what thing can find substitutes in the UK, what doesn't use in the UK, so heart probably several: how many things are moving, whether to go by sea, if there is a big furniture, so sure to much good will go by sea than by air, after all the furniture in general, no urgent need. The second step is to find international logistics lp international logistics lp, they will provide a complete set of door to door services, from door to door give you packaging material has been to the final clearance delivery to your door. But it is important to note here, don't find unreliable small companies, small companies because of the strength is not enough, but they also want to attract users, tends to stunt, with low prices, wait for the customer fool, again trying to price in the logistics process, the final user actual expenses paid often is much higher than the original agreement. Looking for international logistics lp as much as possible, when you need to include the company reputation, service case, website style, user reviews and price factors, in addition to ask how many years of industry experience, where is the headquarters and overseas agent or branch, is freight or professional international logistics, etc. , says there's no need to make the international logistics industry to understand thoroughly, but understanding the more you will more easily more money! After defining logistics lp, signed a formal carriage contract with them, in order to protect the interests of both sides. The terms of the contract must see first, have problems can communicate in advance, some companies will play tricks, previous quotation is not transparent, follow-up with the additional costs is very troublesome. Third step finishing packaging items good packaging can effectively guarantee the goods transportation safety, so the items in the package, if certain Suggestions can pack by oneself, let the logistics lp to provide packaging materials and packaging cartons, such benefits can be save some packing, here are some common items packing skills, maybe you can use: 1, books, magazines, laptop, DVD rules for comparing these are the shape and weight is heavy goods, suitable for small carton ( Size is 31 cm41cm51cm) To install. Because these things are heavy, the box is too big with so many words, handling difficult, in addition, the compact disc such as far as possible put, CD belongs to limit transportation, more sensitive, can suggest not to put, don't put. 2, clothes, quilts, shoes, articles for daily use all of these are items of irregular shape and weight is light, suitable for big carton to pack, pack advice when rolled into a roll, the clothes very save space, put clothes will be more tidy; The quilt with bags packed in cardboard box again; Best shoes inside the shoe, lest by extrusion deformation; Articles for daily use and those odds and ends of gadgets in the bag or small box, in on the cartons. Note that don't put some items such as cosmetics, liquid to avoid broken in the process of transport, stained the box of other items. 3, furniture furniture packaging belongs to big-ticket items, non-professionals can not complete, so if you have furniture to transport, directly to the international logistics lp staff can, they are door to door delivery, will use the transporting furniture professional packaging material professional packaging, after all, they experienced, the efficiency is very high. In the process, you only need to responsible for site supervision. 4, electrical packaging electrical don't recommend that in the past, the voltage of some countries and China, China's electrical appliances in the past may can't use. If you really want to carry electric appliance, the case that suggests to back when buying, if still buy those bubble brick is better. 5, bowls, plates, vases, packaging, such as porcelain like these are fragile, domestic did China win abroad, many immigrant partner likes to go abroad to bring a lot of China to go abroad, how to package porcelain? Outside packing fragile, wrapped in a bubble film and paper, placed in the bottom of the box a few empty plastic bottles and use newspaper gap filling, then packaged good fragile on the above, the last a few plastic bottles are placed before sealing, eventually fill the gap with a newspaper. Plastic bottles are here to have the effect of buffer shock absorption, and plastic bottles lighter texture, not accounting for the weight. But more ways to look at this article 'the logistics to the UK, what can be done to protect the safety of fragile? 》。 Step 4 provided file international logistics need to pass in the customs, so the related certificates cannot little. Generally speaking, passport and visa ready can, other can be replace by international logistics lp. Step 5 receiving after completion of customs clearance, international logistics lp staff will distribution to you, the home of professional international shipping logistics lp will provide a simple combination of furniture assembly, according to the list table, foreign staff will work with the customer for acceptance of the goods, finally remove debris. In it, good to plan ahead of time, mainly in the international logistics shipping, and customs clearance land transportation and so on, almost 2 months or so, so want to have a heart to prepare. In addition, what are the items banned British, also want to know in advance, avoid to carry contraband confiscated and lead to be fined.
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