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China-Afghanistan export transportation


China-Afghanistan export transportation

There are two main transportation modes for transporting bulk goods from China to Afghanistan. One is to transport goods by sea to Karachi seaport and then land transportation through Pakistan. It is also the main mode of transportation of goods between China and Afghanistan. It is also the route with the lowest price and transportation time. It's about 40 days.


The other is to first truck the goods to Kashgar, from which the containers are trucked across the border to the Kyrgyz city of Osh. Here, they are loaded onto trains and continue their journey through Central Asian countries to their final destination, Khairatan, Afghanistan. The transit time is approximately 20 days.

Railway freight and transportation time:

Route: Main cities in China-Kashgar-Osh-Hiraton

Price: USD8950/40HQ


Transportation time: 7 days for domestic truck transportation + 14 days for rail transportation, about 21 days

Ocean freight and transit time:

Based on the current sea freight prices are as follows (September 2023):

PODPOL20ft40ftTransport time

CFR price Karachi to Kabul freight
COMMERCIAL CARGO:    20’GP Container--- USD 2100
               40’GP Container--- USD 3100
NON COMMERCAIL CARGO:20’GP Container--- USD 1900
               40’GP Container--- USD 2900

The above fee is an "all-inclusive" price, which covers port fees, Pakistani transshipment clearance, Afghan border customs procedures and other documents, as well as empty container return fees (Afghanistan has not signed an international container transport agreement).

Detention of containers

The general container detention period of shipping companies is 10 days. If the period exceeds the period, detention fees will be calculated on a daily basis. The round trip cycle from Karachi to Kabul to Karachi is 23-25 days. For NON COMMERCAIL CARGO, the goods must be transferred to trucks in the border area (Peshawar, Pakistan) and then transported to Kabul, which takes about 15 days. Based on the aforementioned 10-day detention period, the approximate detention fee is US$8 per standard container per day (0-10 days) or US$10 per day (10-20 days).



A. All documents or packages must be marked with the words "GOODS IN TRANSIT TO AFGHANISTAN VIA KARACHI/ PAKISTAN".

B. The cargo bill of lading should indicate the name and address of the consignee in Afghanistan.

C. Indicate the name and address of the carrier of the goods

D. Obtain an import license issued by the Afghan Chamber of Commerce.

E. Since Pakistan Customs does not allow changes, be sure to ask the agent in Karachi to fill in the Afghanistan Transshipment Manifest (AFGHAN TRSNSIT MANIFEST) correctly and clearly.

F. Documents required by shipping agency:

1. Ocean bill of lading/air transport bill of lading (Bill of Lading/) original + copy

2. Commercial invoice: 5 original copies

3. Packing list: 5 original copies

4. One original copy of Route Permit from the Central Board of Revenue of Pakistan (Humanitarian Materials)

5. One original copy of the tax exemption certificate from the Ministry of Commerce of Afghanistan (if any)

6. Certificate of origin original + copy

7. Original Afghanistan import license

8. Original Afghanistan commercial invoice

The general customs clearance time in Karachi is 3-5 days. It takes about 10-14 days to transport from Karachi to Peshawai or Quetta on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. After simple customs transfer procedures, it will be verified by Afghan customs checkpoints and the goods can be transported to Afghanistan. Afghanistan's customs inspection point is located at Gumrock, while the one leading to Kandahar is located at Spin Boldak. Customs clearance at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border takes 1-2 days. Transportation from the Torkham border area to Kabul takes at least 2-3 days, and from the Chamman border area to Kandahar at least 2 days.

Transport routes and distances

Karachi-Peshawar-Torkham-Kabul (total length 2010Kms)    
  Karachi---Peshawar (1707Kms):Karachi Port、 Hyderabad、Moro、Noshera Feroz、 Ranipure、 Sukkur、By-Pass、Ghotki、Goth Machi、Sadiqubad、Bhawalpure、Khanewal、Lahore、Sheikhupura、Gujranwala 、Gujrat、Lalamusa、Jehlum、 Rawalpindi、Texila、Attock、Cherat、Nowshera、Peshawar

     Peshawar----Torkham((Afghanistan-Pakistan border, 55Kms):Peshawar、Khyber Tribal Area、Jamrud Fort、Ali Masjid、Gurgura、Sultan Khel、Landi Kotal、Khyber Pass、Torkham Pak-Afghan Border

  Torkham---Kabul(303Kms):Torkham Border、Gumrock、Jallalabad、Kabul。

Karachi-Quetta-Chamun-Kandahar (total length 913 Kms)   

       Karachi-Quetta(670Kms):Karachi Port、Hub Choki、Gadani、Vinder、Uthal、Bela、Wadh、Khazdar、Shrab、Kallat、Mustang、Quetta。
  Quetta-Chamun(132Kms):Quetta、Kuchluck Town、Yaro Town、Qila Abdullah Town、Shalabagh Mountain Area、Chamman City、Chamman Pak-Afghan Border。
  Chamun-Kandahar(111Kms):Chamman Border、Waish、Spin Boldak Town、Mall Bridge、Argasan Bridge、Kandhar Airport、Kandahar City。

Importers need to note that in order to control the smuggling problem, the Pakistani government has been taking restrictive measures on Afghan transit goods. There are currently 18 types of embargoed materials. If you do not have an import license, do not ship these materials in containers to avoid fines and other penalties. .

The list of prohibited materials is as follows: (1) Cigarettes, (2) All yarns except cotton yarn, (3) Dyes and chemicals, (4) PVC and PMC products, (5) Black tea, (6) Capacitors, (7) Silk handicrafts, (8) vegetable ghee, (9) cooking oil, (10) internal and external tires, (11) refrigerators, (12) air conditioners, (13) televisions and parts, (14) soaps and shampoos , (15) car parts, (16) telephone, (17) razor, (18) video camera.

When transporting materials from home to Afghanistan, you must choose a good transportation agent, especially for transportation in Pakistan. The total transportation cost of entrusting different agents can vary by US$1,000-2,000, which can also save a lot of trouble and a lot of time.


Relevant regulations on trade management

Afghanistan has no restrictions on commodity imports.

Commodities prohibited from import: wine, pigs, pork, lard, cottonseed, drugs, guns and explosives.

The Afghan government encourages the export of its own goods.

Goods prohibited from export: drugs, antiques, rare mineral resources and other items regulated by the government.

Import and export commodity inspection and quarantine

Afghan Customs inspects imported goods, but the inspection and quarantine equipment and technology are backward. Goods exported from China to Afghanistan must issue Chinese commodity inspection reports in accordance with regulations.

                                      Import tariffs on some Afghan products

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