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Air Delivery Shipping from China


                Air Delivery Shipping from China

World Class Shipping specializes in providing expert international air freight shipping forwarding services to companies large and small. VIPUTRANS is an integral part of our clients export departments, offering custom-tailored air freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargo. Our staffs are known for their extensive experience in handling all facets of air cargo logistics operations. VIPUTRANS has flown air charters for expansive international relief efforts to Russia. No place is off-limits to our expert logistics pro’s, who are available 24/7 to monitor and analyze every step of your all types of shipment type air delivery. Experience the finest, most personalized logistics solution in the world with World Class shipping air freight logistics.


Airfreight shipping forwarder from China Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, Xian, and Chongqing China main cities to Moscow, St. Petersburg Russia

Air cargo shipping agency China Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, Xian, and Chongqing China main cities to African


  • We are the local air freight company more than many years, we have the good steady air freight and the air freight is cheap

  • local office in all over China main cities to handle the shipment

  • buyer's consolidation (7days storage free for our warehouse)

  • pack and repack service

  • quality control

  • door to door delivery service 

  • insurance

  • documentation service (Fumigation, Certification of original)

  • Dropshipping to protect your business secret.

  •  Railway freight, Warehouse service

How to arrange a shipping process  

VIPUTRANS Main Shipping Logistics Service  

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