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China sourcing and shipping Service


China sourcing and shipping Service

Are you selling private label products online? Are you having trouble finding a reliable supplier in China? If so, then using a China Sourcing Agent can save you money and time.

Good import and export sourcing agents usually reside in China and act as your trusted local advisors. A good China Import and Export Sourcing Agent has close connections with many different factories, and can find manufacturers on Alibaba or the Internet for products that you would not normally be able to work with. They also have trusted factories, freight forwarders and inspection companies for your review.

What can China sorucing agent do for you?

· Supplier research

· Amazon FBA Prep

· Product sourcing

· Negotiate price with factory on your behalf

· Custom packaging

· Shipping logistics service

· Storage and warehousing

· Quality control and inspections


Why choose a sorucing agent?

Save time - A China sourcing agent has built up a list of pre-vetted manufacturers for you to review

Improved communication - Chinese sourcing agent can speak fluent Chinese and English. Thus, your agent can facilitate the communication between you and the factory. In some cases, you don't even have to communicate directly with the supplier at all

Smoother production process - Chinese sourcing agents are experienced in sourcing products and usually have procedures in place. If you're new to e-commerce, your agent can teach you the proper way to source products for sale.

Better Quality Control - Good sourcing agents have in-house staff or inspection agencies to ensure your products are free from defects.

Accessibility - When a problem arises, Chinese sourcing agents can directly help solve the problem by visiting the factory.

What products do you help source?

We serve clients in a wide variety of industries and manage the procurement process for thousands of products. We can source anything for you!

What is your service fee?

China purchasing agent will charge you 3-10% commission based on your order cost. Typically, the percentage charged will decrease as your order size increases.

How often can I communicate with my sourcing agent?

You can communicate with your agent however you want. We use a variety of methods, including phone calls, text messages and emails. We work for you, so you are always welcome to contact us. 

How do I ship my goods?

After your goods are produced, we can deliver your goods to you or to any address you specify by UPS, air, rail, sea, truck.

How to find a sourcing agent?Please contact  E-mail: sales02@viputrans.com

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