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Logistics to go to England, how to do to protect the safety of fragile?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Logistics to go to England, check goods more or less some fragile items, such as ceramic, glass, and in the process of international logistics transportation, and handling, loading and unloading of the link, therefore is very important to protect the safety of fragile items. How do logistics to go to England, to ensure the security of fragile items? 1, items, not be squeezed to fragile items in the transport way not be squeezed, so the outer packing is asked to solid and reliable. The outer packing of goods transport link force, so must be thick and hard, to save trouble, for example some people take an ordinary box porcelain, once encounter collision force, such as loader, the delivery man is thrown down at random such as area, it is easy to break. To note here, choose the thickness of the bottle, the packing box, can consult the post office or pick up the post office box. If there is no such conditions, simply do double, around the inside cushion layer respectively, or directly in the outside to pack another layer. Want to know, box and freight compared to items much cheaper. If you transport bulk fragile items, such as the tall vases, after a comprehensive package, then packed in wooden or cases in the outside, so very safe, but a little bad is the high cost, process is complicated, time delay, of course, if the goods value, you can have a try, too. 2, items, does not guarantee goods without collision, collision will need to fill in the gap between goods and box filler, such not only to prevent the collision, more play a protective role. Is often recommended for the choice of filler, foam, foam or enough toilet paper, although some people like to use the waste paper, paper, rags and other filling and package, you know, these things are the mechanical buffer effect is not nearly as soft foam material, even the toilet paper is better than these things. But choose to use toilet paper, must be wrapped in thick enough! Items regardless of size, a fortress around 3 cm above the thickness of the soft filler, and cannot be left blank, tucked up again after, feel is closely together to ship. For simple dish, bowl class implements don't stacked, side stand, separated the subcontract between dish bowl, up and down or so with a foam pad. 3, be breakable tag packaging, after the completion of prominent location in the outside of the package, put a fragile tag, at the time of making items list, also have to indicate the fragile goods, and told the goods receiving is fragile goods, need special attention in handling. 4, don't even know who buy insurance accident and tomorrow which will come first, logistics from China to the UK, longer link journey far more, will have unexpected things happen all the way, in order to nip in the bud, suggest to buy insurance, insurance will make you more items in the case of the accident a guarantee. In addition to this, and, of course, the most important, is to look for a solid logistics lp, because the company has specialized vocational skills training for employees, know how to handle these fragile. As everybody knows, express delivery, logistics is the most terrible violence during the process of sorting, even when you are packing again good, if you don't give you pay attention to porters, separated by a few metres throw to lose, so I'm afraid again strong packing also difficult to appendage.
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