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International China Europe Freight Train Logisitcs News


A total of nearly 40,000 China-Europe freight trains have reached over 160 cities in 22 European countries

On the afternoon of June 2, a China-Europe freight train with 50 containers filled with daily necessities, auto parts and other products left Haicang Station in Xiamen, China, heading for Hamburg, Germany. "This is the 1,000th train of the China-Europe freight train (Xiamen). Nowadays, Xiamen Development Bank provides more than 1,000 kinds of goods subdivision products for China-Europe freight trains, providing strong transport capacity support for unimpeded international supply chain." China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said Wang Zhengyu, deputy director of the freight department.

The endless flow of ports and the busy freight yards are the epitome of the high-quality development of China-Europe freight trains. By the end of May 2021, 39,622 freight trains had run between China and Europe, carrying 3.541 million TEU of goods, reaching more than 160 cities in 22 European countries, according to data from China National Railway Corporation.

Cutting costs, China-Europe freight trains continue to improve efficiency. In order to ensure the transport efficiency of China-Europe freight trains, the railway authorities have implemented the transportation organization mode of giving priority to loading and unloading, loading and unloading, and handing over, and continuously deepened the cooperation of international combined transport. "The handling time of freight trains has been reduced by more than 30% compared with last year," said Liu Zongcheng, head of Erenhot Yihai Cargo Transportation Agency Co., Ltd. "The efficient transportation efficiency of freight trains has shortened the delivery time of goods, saved logistics costs, and brought more space for the company's profits."

Excellent service, continuous innovation model of China-Europe freight trains. In Xiamen, Fujian cross-border e-commerce goods were exported for the first time on the China-Europe Railway Express (Xiamen) in March this year. The transportation time is nearly three weeks shorter than that of sea freight, and the freight price is 7/8 lower than that of air freight. In Wuhan, the "Yangluo Port - Wujiashan - Duisburg" test train X8015 left Wujiashan Station in Wuhan at the end of May, initially realizing the seamless connection between the China-Europe freight train (Wuhan) and the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, marking another important step for Wuhan to build itself into a national inland multimodal transport center.

We will strengthen transport organization and improve operation quality to ensure the safe and stable operation and sustained and strong growth of freight trains between China and Europe. From January to May this year, China Railway Express ran 5,991 trains and delivered 573,000 TEU, up 49% and 58% respectively year on year.

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