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How do overseas freight forwarders find customers?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-25
Whether you are a freight forwarder or an overseas freight forwarder, you know that customers are the source of survival. Having a steady stream of customers is a steady stream of money. But many novice freight forwarders are at a loss and don't know how to find customers. Especially overseas freight forwarding. Today, we have summarized the experience of looking for customers in many old freight forwarders to help everyone, let's take a look at how overseas freight forwarders find customers? Finding customers as a freight forwarder Freight forwarding is a project that engages in relationship, price and service. The same is true of overseas freight forwarding. Generally speaking, at the beginning, the freight forwarder always searches the customer's phone from the Internet, makes a little call, and contacts the business one by one, and then the customer introduces the customer. 1. Through the request of customs data and exhibition materials, many software will provide customs data of previous years for free. The data for that year will basically be charged. 2. A lot of people who pay attention to trade and retail identities on foreign social software. This is the main method to push the wall. Then it comes to the point, not that you can definitely get the contact information after you pay attention. Please search a lot of pictures from all walks of life. Please make sure to bring your own contact information at the same time as you push, leaving the social software commonly used by customers. 3. On B2B, forum website, yellow pages, etc., where you can find the contact numbers of factories and trading companies, you make crazy calls, pick up a few needles from the sea, and polish them. 4. On the Internet, leave your contact information wherever you can leave your information. 5. Organize the area where the factories around you gather. Bring a business card and information. Family visits. Sometimes I also have to visit customers and potential customers who have already contacted but have not met. It's best to go out twice a week. 6. If you speak English well. Can be directly designated freight forwarding, looking for foreign buyers. 7. If you also know website building technology and SEO, then build a website for publicity. Or go to Alibaba, Sina and other platforms to build a blog. Finding customers as a freight forwarding company 1. When publishing company products, we must pay attention to it. It is best to have both Chinese and English layouts. When overseas merchants see and understand the product, they feel that the product is good, and they are likely to become customers. 2, when setting the title, it is best to be concise and clear, and to comply with the search rules of foreign customers. 3. You can join some foreign associations, you can find some high-quality customers, if you can develop in a good and orderly manner, you can gradually expand the customer source, and finally establish your own customer network. 4. Effectively maintain old customers, and many times new customers are recommended by old customers. So return visits from old customers are essential. 5. Do business negotiations and find customers for this better establishment of cooperation, so the preliminary negotiations are necessary. In short, overseas freight forwarders want to find customers quickly, it must be carried out in many ways, do not give up any opportunity to find customers. Walk around and connect more, cheekily and heartily, and finally you can discover your own customer network.
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