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Hong Kong UPS UPS difference _VIPUTRANS with China

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-18
UPS is the Courier giant UPS, UPS international express freight according to its speed can be divided into red and blue sheet, including red list price is more expensive but faster, blue single cheap, is relatively slow. In China send UPS has two kinds, can go China UPS UPS Courier express and Hong Kong. Go China again cent two kinds, one is direct to mainland UPS shipment, another is through the agent for the shipment. Go directly to UPS generally expensive, generally is full price, and walk agent can generally to 5 discount more. Hong Kong UPS has two kinds, one is normal freight account, another is the trade account. Normal freight account general 6 discount, trade account for informal, but the price is low generally at about 5 fold.
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