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VIPUTRANS, an advantageous international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-17
Shenzhen VIPUTRANS Logistics Co., Ltd. aims to build a fast and efficient Sino-US logistics and transportation brand, focusing on China's export to the United States by sea bulk/container/air DDU DDP, FBA first-haul freight forwarding international business.
The company has been committed to the development of other value-added services such as Sino-U.S. international dedicated line logistics transportation, U.S. overseas warehousing, U.S. local logistics program design, and cross-border supply chain management programs. It has cross-border logistics supply chain management and comprehensive cross-border logistics service functions. company of. Shenzhen VIPUTRANS Logistics Co., Ltd. provides all Amazon warehouse-to-door services, covering FBA warehouses in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada. And it has been highly recognized in the Sino-US logistics industry. The company has successively obtained: Guangdong Cross-border E-commerce Association member unit, Zhuhai City Cross-border E-commerce Association member unit, US FDA Quality Certification Committee certification unit.

VIPUTRANS, as a strategic partner of Amazon's global logistics, has its own long-term cooperation customs clearance agents all over the world. Our company can achieve foreign package customs clearance and customs duty payment and delivery to door one-stop service. VIPUTRANS At present, logistics has successfully helped more than 1,000 foreign trade companies and factories that do AMAZON platforms to safely and smoothly deliver millions of tons of Amazon warehousing goods to the United States FBA, Canada FBA, and Japan required by customers through sea, air, and express delivery. FBA, British FBA, German FBA, French FBA, Italian FBA, Spanish FBA, Australian FBA, Mexico FBA Amazon's FBA warehouse!

VIPUTRANS provides Amazon FBA head delivery and transportation services:
1. One-stop full container and bulk cargo shipping to FBA warehouses in various countries (the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada FBA), no need to have a company at the destination (except Japan)
2. One-stop express delivery to various countries FBA (Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada FBA), no need to have a company at the destination (except Japan)
3. Cooperate with Amazon designated truck company, and the freight is more favorable.
4. Provide short-term storage abroad.
5. Provide labeling, distribution and pallet services
6. Provide overseas return to Hong Kong transportation service
7. Provide shipping to FBA service from major ports (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xiamen, etc.)
We work directly with professional foreign agents and delivery companies to provide freight clearance and delivery services for Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The requirements for goods sent to AMAZON warehouses are high. AMAZON has made more than a dozen regulations for transportation to its warehouses. VIPUTRANS and foreign agents have kept the AMAZON warehouse regulations in mind and put them into action, and have successfully provided freight to door services for many AMAZON customers.

In order to meet the needs of different customers for services such as timeliness and prices, our company has opened an economical express service to the Amazon warehouse, and a fast express service for customers to choose. As our strong point-Amazon air transportation and express delivery, our company customizes personalized services according to the nature of the customer's own needs such as the nature of the goods. Professional customer service personnel will follow up and deal with them specifically to prevent mixed goods and ensure timeliness and customs clearance speed. In addition, we cooperate with the trailer team designated by Amazon and the cooperation of local UPS express to ensure cost-effective delivery services.

Our service area fully covers all Amazon warehouses. The company has strong customs clearance capabilities and avoids various customs clearance risks. The company has successfully assisted tens of thousands of customers to deal with Amazon warehouse customs clearance and tax issues, reducing the monthly return due to customs clearance issues. Thousands of pieces. Our FBA customs clearance services include Canada, France, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, Mexico, etc. VIPUTRANS is committed to providing convenient, worry-free and cost-saving Amazon FBA first-course logistics services for the majority of export Amazon customers and e-commerce customers.

VIPUTRANS is willing to become the loyal logistics partner of the majority of export customers, and escort you to ship to the Amazon warehouse!
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