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Discover a complete guide to freight from China to Belarus with VIPUTRANS, a freight forwarder in China. If you are interested in China-Belarus business or are already involved, please read on. The following includes shipping methods, shipping times, costs, the best way to ship your goods and what an experienced freight forwarder can help you with your China-Belarus shipment.


Cargo between China and Belarus provides three main modes of transportation: air truck and rail.

Air freight from China to Belarus

If you are coordinating time-sensitive shipments from China to Belarus, air freight offers a fast shipping solution. Generally speaking, it takes 1-3 days for the goods shipped by air from China to arrive in Belarus. Delivery can be expedited, but at a higher cost.

In some cases, we must choose speed over cost. Maybe the deadline is approaching, maybe the product is perishable. Or maybe people use air freight simply because they have a strong shipping budget and they'd rather spend more than wait anxiously for a shipment to arrive, especially when sending high-value equipment or luxury items. In addition, air freight can guarantee a higher level of security.


Belarusian cargo airport

Minsk National Airport (IATA code: MSQ)

Located 42 kilometers east of the capital Minsk

Main international airports in Belarus

China-Belarus air shipping transit time:

Generally, an air shipment from China to Belarus takes 3-5 days. 
Only one direct flight route is available between Beijing and Minsk, if your suppliers are located nearby, shipping your cargo from Beijing airport would accelerate your air shipment. 

Railway freight from China to Belarus

Rail freight offers a faster and cheaper alternative to sea freight, transporting containers from China to Belarus by freight train. It takes 12-16 days to travel from China to Belarus by train.

On May 23, 2017, the first freight train from Shenzhen to Minsk departed from Yantian Port, adding another trade route to China's planned Eurasian Economic Corridor.

 China Railway's first express freight service connecting Shijiazhuang and Europe opened on June 5, 2018

 In November 2019, the new line of Zhuzhou-Minsk container railway was opened.

 Belarus has continuously optimized its domestic China-Europe freight train services, striving to become a land link between China and Europe.

China-Belarus freight train transit time:

Several Chinese cities have freight train service to Belarus’s Minsk or Brest, transit time ranges between 12-16 days. 
Compared to sea freight, shipping by railway takes only 1/3 of the time. 

Truck freight from China to Belarus

The transit time for road freight freight is the second fastest of all other modes of transportation after air. The timeliness of trucking is slightly less than air freight, but still higher than road freight and China-Belarus railway. With the high cost performance of road freight, the cost of land freight is much lower than that of air freight. Road freight is the first choice for international transportation. Under the current market situation, with the shortage of containers and the congestion of ports, the logistics and transportation industry has become a market full of challenges.


Road freight trucking from Shenzhen/Shanghai, China to Belarus takes only 12-16 days.


Why choose VIPUTRANS when importing and shipping from China to Belarus?

We are freight forwarders in China and have extensive experience in international logistics for China-Belarus import and export business. After years of hard work on the China-Europe route, establishing a network of sea, air, rail and local connections, we are able to provide a one-stop transportation solution from China to Belarus without worry. This is what differentiates us from our competitors.

1. Fast response and high efficiency

2. Communication

3. Professional, agile and accurate

4. Our logistics expertise, local and global connections

5. Cost savings

6. Focus, focus

7. Greater focus and tailored shipping solutions


As the leading freight forwarder serving Belarus, we have the logistics expertise, local knowledge and global network to quickly and safely ship goods from China to Belarus, regardless of the shipping method you use, and Ensure the best--first-class cargo shipping experience.


If you are interested in shipping from China to Belarus, please contact the best freight forwarders and get shipping solutions and quotes for your China-Belarus shipments.


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