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International import transportation and customs clearance


International import transportation and customs clearance

With the development of China's economy, people's living standards have improved. The Chinese people have higher material requirements than before. They are not only satisfied with domestic products, but their demand for foreign products is also slowly increasing. Nowadays, imported products are easily available in China’s street shops, supermarkets, and online shopping platforms such as JD.com, Taobao, Suning.com, Tmall, etc.

The import transportation of these products requires professional international freight forwarders to handle all aspects of international freight before they can reach consumers smoothly. Viputrans is committed to providing professional international import transportation services to import traders.

What services are available in import logistics?

  • "China-Europe train" container railway import, "Europe-China railway export transportation". Professional international import freight forwarding company.

  • International air freight import, we have close contact and cooperation with freight forwarders at various international airports around the world, and can provide international air freight import transportation services from major airports in various countries around the world to cities such as Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

  • International seaborne full container imports, we have good relationships with major shipping companies. Regarding seaborne full container imports, we can book space directly in China and import the goods to major coastal ports.

  • International sea freight LCL, goods less than one container can be imported and transported through sea freight LCL service.

  • International express import transportation, using our Hong Kong FEDEX and TNT express accounts, you only need to place an order in China, and the express company will pick up the goods all over the world and then deliver them to the Hong Kong warehouse, and then from Hong Kong to the mainland.

  • Import customs clearance services. If your goods are imported to a Chinese port and your company does not have import authority, we will provide import authority and help with customs clearance and import into China. If your company has import documents, we can provide customs clearance procedures.

Europe-China Railway Export Transportation

Railway and land transportation has great advantages over international air transportation and international sea transportation. The transportation time is fast, the freight is cheap, and it can transport a wide variety of goods.

Since the launch of the China-Europe Railway Express, more and more goods exported from Europe to China have been transported by rail, and the customer experience has become better and better.

Viputrans has 15 years of experience in transporting exports from China to Europe. Of course, it also has rich experience in railway transport of imports from Europe to China, whether it is railway LCL or FCL transport.

According to different goods, volume and weight, and destination, we provide customers with customized railway import transportation solutions to facilitate smooth customs clearance and optimal freight, save import costs, and deliver goods safely and timely in the shortest possible time.

Railway import countries and routes

The departure railway stations in Europe are: Germany, Belgium, Poland, Italy, France, Belarus, Hamburg, Munich, Liege, Katowice, Warsaw, Verona, Milan, Duisburg, Paris, Lyon.

The destination stations in China are: Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei, etc.

Our European agents can provide pickup, export declaration, warehousing and other services throughout European countries. No matter which country in Europe you are in, we can arrange import shipping services to China.

European Rail Export Detailed Services

  • Pick-up: door-to-door pick-up service in various cities in Europe and the UK to the departure railway station warehouse, bulk cargo LCL and full container. Provide the detailed address for pickup, product name, number of pieces, packaging size, weight, and pickup time.

  • European export customs declaration: Assist European shippers to check the information required by export customs in order to successfully pass customs review.

  • Railway transportation: Check the nearest LCL and FCL trains, and book space with the railway operating company in advance according to the production time of the goods to ensure that you can catch the train in time.

  • Customs clearance: Assist domestic import companies in China to declare imports to Chinese customs. Some products require import qualifications and customs registration. We can provide customs clearance import services.

  • Delivery: Pick up the goods from the domestic railway customs supervision warehouse and deliver them to the door through different logistics companies.

  • Cargo insurance: Assist customers to purchase cargo transportation insurance from insurance companies. Buying insurance for fragile products, high-value goods, etc. will be safer and more secure.

International air import

  1. Pick up the goods, according to the import air airport provided by the customer, a detailed list of goods: product name, weight, number of pieces, size, packaging. FOB terms or EXW terms, Chinese destination airport and other information confirm the international air freight import charges with the customer.

  2. Booking, after the customer provides us with the booking information, we contact the overseas shipping people to confirm the shipping time and other information and then book the space with the international air transport airline.

  3. Delivery: After receiving our warehouse receipt, the consignor will deliver the goods to the airport warehouse according to the warehouse receipt, or our overseas agent will arrange to pick up the goods.

  4. Verify documents. Check international air import documents with customers and airlines and arrange air import to Chinese airports.

  5. Go through import customs clearance procedures

  6. Delivery goods to customers.

International sea freight import

International sea freight imports have the advantages of cheap freight and a large volume of goods that can be transported. More than 80% of international imported goods are carried out by international sea freight. Viputrans is one of the few companies on the market that can provide a full range of comprehensive international shipping import services. Door-to-door one-stop international shipping import requires the cooperation of a reliable freight forwarder at the destination port in order to return the goods to the country professionally and safely. We have long-term cooperative agents in major ports in the world (North America, South America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan, etc.).

LCL import by sea

The best channel for importing small quantities of goods is sea freight LCL import.

Full container import by sea

For international shipping, the goods can be imported from major European ports to Shenzhen, Ningbo, Tianjin, Qingdao and other ports in China. VIPUTRANS will complete import customs clearance and other import services at the port.

Import customs declaration and import clearance agency

As a professional import customs declaration agent and customs clearance agent in China, VIPUTRANS always maintains close communication with customers, and strictly and meticulously declares each item in accordance with the import customs declaration laws and regulations stipulated by the national customs.

International import customs clearance service customs include: Shenzhen Customs, Guangzhou Customs, Dongguan Customs, Xiamen Customs, Shanghai Customs, Ningbo Customs, Qingdao Customs, and Tianjin Customs.

Import declaration types

Normal import declaration: Import enterprises have the authority, qualifications and relevant import documents to import corresponding products. The import customs declaration agent helps organize and fill in the information to declare to the customs according to the process.

Pay the bill for import declaration: Importing companies or individuals do not have import authority and no information. This requires the import customs declaration agent to provide an enterprise with import rights and qualifications to declare imports on its behalf. This method is called purchase document import declaration, and it is also a commonly used formal customs clearance mode.

Tax-included import declaration: This method is actually the second variant of import declaration. Import companies will choose suitable import ports to import, but the time is unstable and the import cycle is long. It is not recommended to choose this method.


Import customs declaration process

Accept declaration---review documents---inspect goods--handle tax collection---clear customs and release.

The information required for general trade import agency customs declaration includes: original factory invoice, packing list, contract, waybill, certificate of origin and other related information.

Customs declaration information: customs declaration form, power of attorney for customs declaration, contract, invoice, packing list, etc.


If you have any question about International import shipping services to China please feel free to consult Viputrans  Lora Yang E-mail: sales02@viputrans.com




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