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Taiwan pair clear to door should be how to operate?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
With the further deepening of cross-strait exchanges, development of Taiwan compatriots to come to China more and more, commute has become a more frequent norm. Because of the differences of their political environment, logistics checked passed through customs control. Then our logistics from the mainland to Taiwan should how to operate? One, Taiwan's immigration rules 1 and Taiwan; Home residents in Taiwan back half a year in Taiwan can be used outside of duty-free entry items, furniture; If more than half a year or more away from home last time may be a tariff. 2, all non carry goods return, the recipient must be filled in in the transit airport customs customs declaration of the republic of China, such as home entry did not fill in this form; Entry clearance items that may have collects pay custom duty. In the process of customs clearance consignee without arrived at the customs office. 3, returning back to Taiwan must provide personal customs clearance documents; Positive and negative identity card; Passport on the ( There are pictures) Copy; Back to the entry stamp copy; Ticket stub form; 'The republic of China customs declaration form'; Packing list and Marine bill of lading; The original power of attorney, please signature and seal of the principal place in 13. On March 27, 2017, Taiwan & other; Ministry of international trade & throughout; Publishing trade suit word letter no. 1060150890, if you have requirements in the certificate of origin of goods exporters name field filling export declaration form outside information, need to provide contract, l/c, invoice and other documents for production license issuing agency review for the record. Second, Taiwan shipping pair clear cost to Taiwan by sea pair clear to door charges including ocean freight, customs clearance fee, file fee, Taiwan's customs clearance fee and so on. Three, Taiwan shipping submit check pair clear to door process requirements & rarr; Free on-site measurement, quotation & rarr; Sign a contract, the door packaging & rarr; Customs clearance, payment & rarr; Customs clearance, delivery to your door & rarr; Furniture installation and removal of waste. Four, Taiwan double attention to door ( 1) Logistics, you'll need to confirm your to check item is legal, because not all goods can be customs clearance. ( 2) If several pieces of goods, can be in the shipping mark to write some Numbers in a row, so to take the goods, goods will find convenient. ( 3) Items and packing/bag surface must be neutral, there should not be a & the other; 中国制造” Or & other The People's Republic of China & throughout; And so on words in both English and Chinese, also don't appear China trademark and the labels. ( 4) Personal belongings must provide detailed item name correctly, such as for declaration is unknown and not correct item name for customs buckle off fine, the customer is responsible for all the responsibility, the limit items for: food, ceramic tea set, fake brand-name products, pharmaceuticals, water content, VCD discs. ( 5) All international contraband listed as forbidden goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, is not allowed into the pickled fish, meat. Duty free, including foreign wine bottle, a cigarette, a small amount of perfume, since things in moderation.
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