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Providing Solutions Through Unprecedented Times

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-02
Retail, Demand Planning, Retail LogisticsWith the demand for essential supplies skyrocketing across the country, Hub Group's collaboration with retailers has helped suppliers deliver critical loads quickly and safely.As the country continues to navigate the impact of COVID-19, many supply chain professionals work tirelessly to keep retail shelves stocked so the population has access to necessities. Supply chain organizations have had to quickly mobilize, band together, and comply to new rollouts—all while keeping lines of communications open to align stakeholders.In order to deliver effectively during turbulent times, Hub Group has relied on its seasoned emergency response teams, strategic network of providers, and rooted retail relationships to help customers pilot through this unforeseen climate.The ChallengeWith the increased demand for essential supplies across the country, Hub Group's collaboration with multiple retailers has helped suppliers deliver critical loads with speed and safety. Delivering these kinds of shipments can put heavy demands on any company, and given the impact of COVID-19, Hub Group's teams have aided these supply chain challenges with prompt action and leading customer service. One retailer faced many challenges with their vendors delivering time-sensitive loads with the precision needed to serve their customers. As one of the nation's largest home improvement retailers, the company needed a solutions provider that was equipped to handle the volume amidst the just-in-time climate. Considering Hub Group's history of delivering time-sensitive loads for the retailer, the company was confident Hub Group could deliver again and selected us as the single provider to manage all critical shipments.The SolutionSo far in 2020, Hub Group has moved more than 500 emergency shipments for the retailer, with consecutive weeks of transporting loads 24/7. Hub Group's cross-functional team support, stemming from Account Management all the way to Over-the-Road (OTR), Intermodal (IML), and Dedicated operations, developed processes that supported the retailer's volume with unmatched efficiency.This is just one example of Hub Group's time-sensitive retail solutions. However, it's important to note that while processes are vital to deliver during times like these, it's the relationships within a strategic network of providers that stand as the pillar for crisis management.Hub Group continues to work closely with both customers and retailers alike during these unprecedented times to help prioritize shipments and allocate inventory accordingly. With a hand in both warehousing and transportation, Hub Group has the power to align both parties to coordinate the incremental growth caused by the COVID-19 climate. Our teams have worked around the clock to meet the surge in demand while also keeping consolidated loads shipping on time throughout this process.In order for the economy to keep moving, it truly takes a village to make sure the public receives the essential items they need. At Hub Group, we aim to try to play our part by assuring we can deliver with speed and precision in a safe manner for all parties.To learn more:email: info@hubgroup.comphone: 630-271-3600web: www.hubgroup.com
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