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Piano shipped to Canada, how to do in order to better protect the piano to avoid damage

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Shipping to Canada, bulky and expensive piano for many immigrants friends, how do you do to protect the piano to avoid damage is crucial. As a core member of the international logistics association, VIPU Supply Chain summed up the international countries for many years, has many years of service experience, package the piano handling piano shipped to Canada, what to do in order to better protect the piano to avoid damage? The popularity of the following simple for everyone. 1, find the logistics lp on if you want to ship the piano to go abroad, want to choose one of the international logistics lp, is very important. This can save you a lot of energy, the price is very high, and the international logistics lp would include freight risk, once the accident, still can get a certain security. But don't to covet is cheap here to choose a few no business license of the company, once an accident, loss or want oneself to take. 2, piano piano packaging must first do a good job of packaging before shipment, the purpose of packaging is to prevent the piano in transit will not be damaged by knock against, because the international shipping, longer distances, the piano in the transport of damage rate is bigger, so the piano's packaging is very important, professional goods packaging, to maximize the escort to the long-distance transportation of a piano. We don't know the average person packaging items, such as the piano department do it could make matters worse, cause more damage to the piano, so small make up recommend may ask professional packaging personnel to package the piano. Oneself also don't put the piano free disassembly, similar to the professional person to deal with, after all, if not a professional, do not understand the structure of the piano, open installed but not is likely to happen. VIPU international domestic and foreign logistics Supply Chain processes all in accordance with the international association of logistics service standard operation, packaging for the piano, VIPU Supply Chain packing team has professional packing standard: ( 1) White cotton whole package protection paint scratch-resistant flowers. ( 2) Do anti-shock treatment with pearl cotton. ( 3) Piano edges with bead joint protection. ( 4) The final cut hard cardboard packaging. ( 5) Made to reinforce the wooden box, free from steam smoked pallets. 3, in order to buy insurance in one thousand, it is recommended that buy insurance for the piano, so any damage to the piano, don't have to bear the cost of maintenance, it is for valuables like piano very be necessary. After all, the piano is a several ten thousand yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan of valuables, once appear problem, will hurt a lot of family property, can also affect the child's interest in learning. To buy a copy of such insurance, but also to peace, so suggest you to buy as far as possible. 4, the piano piano by sea to Canada after examination, don't think it will be over, and the last step to confirm, is whether the piano well. Check whether the corners of the piano is in good condition, have appeared the phenomenon such as paint, also check the piano timbre are in good condition, such as check them after handling the piano work is done. Piano handling note 1, the average weight of piano in five hundred jins, need a few adults work together to handle. Piano is at the bottom of the wheel, but had better not use wheels in long distance transportation, because the piano is a more precious, still need regular maintenance. If the wheel damage, in the use of the wheel on the piano, piano will damage due to vibration, will affect the piano timbre. Piano, although there is a wheel, but out of respect for the piano timbre, when moving the piano or a few people together to lift the piano as well, don't to ShengJin and cause failure. 2, at the beginning of handling work the first thing to do is check the packing of the piano is complete, generally when carry valuables like piano will add foam pad on the items, such as to protect the piano, so before moving to check good ready to this kind of protection measures, the piano when handling over a long distance. 3, don't break up the piano, because a lot of large furniture can be opened in logistics or mobile position also often open it again after moving, it will be much convenient, but the piano is not ok, because the piano itself structure and price factors, don't break up, to professionals. Handling technique 1, for the piano in the handling of time how can the best effort, and won't cause harm to the piano, as far as possible first to carry the piano hand must enough, even at the same time someone beside assist in supervision. Piano when handling and metope to avoid as far as possible friction with the ground, but the safety is very important also. 2, when the next stair, will someone from top to bottom, to ensure that the piano will not happen because of uneven force tilt, so that the piano position such as touching the wall. Don't in the rain or cloudy day when handling the piano, so as not to affect the sound quality, because the piano is more delicate, so to speak.
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