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China Air shipping service


China Air shipping service


International cargo airlines are different from passenger airlines. Cargo aircraft mainly provide cargo transportation services between the two countries. The belly compartment of passenger aircraft is usually used to store passenger luggage, and the extra space can also be used to carry commercial cargo. More than 70% of international air cargo transportation in the world is carried through the belly compartment of passenger aircraft.

The booking of international air cargo transportation needs to be completed through the corresponding booking agent of the airline. Whether it is a small company or a large company, a large company like Apple arranges air shipments from China to various regions of the world through the agency of the airline. To complete the booking to arrange export air freight.

There are those international cargo airlines in China: CA Air China, CZ China Southern Airlines Cargo, MU Eastern Airlines Logistics, CK China International Cargo Airlines, ZH Shenzhen Airlines, 3U Sichuan Airlines, O3 SF Airlines, YG Yuantong Airlines, MF, WU, CW, HX, HT, XW, etc...

Other common international cargo airlines: UPS Airlines, B7 UNI, BR Evergreen, CI China Airlines, OZ Asiana, KE Korea, SQ Singapore Airlines, AC Air Canada, EK Emirates, TK Turkish Airlines, CV Luxair, etc.

Our main international air cargo transportation services

Bulk cargo by air

Bulk cargo is the most important form of international air transport. The weight or size of a single box is relatively small. The minimum lifting weight of a single shipment is 45KG, and the weight of a single shipment can exceed 10 tons and 20 cubic meters.

International air freight services for small batches of goods, whether it is an air passenger plane or a cargo plane, are easy to load, and the destination airports can be located in all regions.

Oversized and overweight cargo by air

Single piece of goods weighing more than 1 ton or large-sized products, such as moulds. We will choose the appropriate cargo plane to transport by air according to the size of the cargo.

Air charter

Container cargo air charter service

Air Freight Booking

Pre-book space with the airline, book space with the airline at the corresponding domestic airport, and contact the factory to assist in delivery.


Export international air transport related supporting services

Pickup: Relying on the cooperation with well-known domestic logistics companies, we provide services for picking up goods from all parts of the country to the airport

Consolidation: Collect goods from different factories or suppliers and combine them into one shipment for international air transport.

Customs declaration: As an international air freight customs declaration agent, we provide professional customs declaration and tax refund services to consignors, and handle export declarations correctly, in detail and in a timely manner.

Air cargo insurance: Buy air cargo insurance as an agent before the cargo plane.

Documents: Prepare the documents needed for air export and destination country customs clearance, such as packing list, commercial invoice, air waybill, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate. 

Repacking: Replace the carton with better quality or build a wooden frame and reinforce the wooden box according to your requirements.

Check the goods: check the quality and quantity of the goods, take pictures of the goods, etc.


Why choose Viputrans?

Low air freight costs. As an international air freight forwarder, viputrans always provides customers with the best and most competitive air freight prices in the market. The same route provides you with air freight charges of different airlines for price comparison, and selects the best air freight price .

Real-time update of air freight prices, keeping up with the latest air freight prices updated by airlines every day; guaranteed air freight prices, ensuring that the air freight prices of the booked flights will not increase after air freight booking; provide air freight prices for different airlines and different routes For comparison.

Rich experience, viputrans focuses on China's air cargo transportation to various countries in the world for more than 15 years. It is a professional international air freight forwarding company in China! Professional international air transport, rich experience, the operation team comes from related majors.

The timeliness is fast, choose the fast airline and flight, tightly control the connection of all links from the delivery to the destination port, and promptly transport the goods to the destination airport in the shortest time, no matter it is the first flight or the second flight. Our professional freight forwarders will book flights for you in advance, and book space with airlines in time.

Space guarantee, after booking with the airline, it is guaranteed that the goods can take off according to the scheduled flight; the air freight quotation details the flight situation, whether it is the off-season or peak season of international air freight, our booked cabins are guaranteed to take off on time, and the goods can be guaranteed to take off according to the scheduled flight time. Book your flight for departure; the air freight quote details the flight.

There are many types of routes. As a well-known domestic air freight forwarder, CA UPS EK SQ CX CZ MU TK PO LH BA OZ CI not only provides these international air freight advantages in price and service, but also has close cooperation with more than 50 other international air freight companies. 

If you want to ship your shipment by air please feel free to contact:

Lora Yang

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