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Foreign shipping logistics back and VIPU international logistics Supply Chain

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
If you want to put the whole home from abroad ( Such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc. ) Move to China, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to provide you offer general default is door to door, that is, from your home and abroad has been sent to the home of China need not you worry about the whole process, a small amount of clearance process must be present himself with VIPU Supply Chain consultant will assist to handle. In the process of shipping logistics home and abroad business by VIPU Supply Chain long-term strategic partners with countries in the world, including: the door packing, customs declaration and shipment of goods. When the container to China and the rest of the business by VIPU Supply Chain team to complete. So VIPU Supply Chain exactly what to do? 1. Close contact with foreign companies in order to ensure the continuity of the shipping service on your furniture furniture before the items are shipped from abroad, VIPU Supply Chain your specific service content, the file sent in the form of mail or Courier VIPU Supply Chain agents abroad. Foreign party according to VIPU Supply Chain to provide the files for the door packing, the goods, transportation and other services, and arrange customs declaration materials. In most cases, if the customer is no payment or documents not neat, the foreign party won't start service. 2. Keep in touch with to China customer VIPU Supply Chain often before check personal belongings is going to reach China in touch with each customer, inform the date of arrival and VIPU the contact way of the Supply Chain. If some customers need to pay duties, this time VIPU Supply Chain will inform them, need to pay the tax payment rear can release. After the qing guan, VIPU Supply Chain will inform and confirm with the customer delivery date. 3. The customs clearance formalities according to the customer to choose by sea or air services, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will handle the customs clearance at the port or airport. This is VIPU Supply Chain in the period of the most important domestic duties. What all must depend on relationship in China. If relations with the customs is very hard, customs clearance will be relatively simple, easy, time will not wait too long, and the probability that the customer pay tariff will be relatively small. And customs clearance is VIPU Supply Chain core business strengths. About tariff rate can check it on the Chinese customs website. 4. Provide warehousing service clients in the shipping personal items after arrive in China, I haven't been to the destination, or haven't find the right house, then VIPU Supply Chain can provide the goods according to the storage service for a few days to a few days. 5. Delivery after the qing guan, VIPU Supply Chain consultant will contact the customer form by telephone, inform the customer delivery date, and delivered within a specified date. Most of the city will be in clean finished about a week after delivery. To be sure, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain service door to door is additional terms according to the contract to determine is sent to the home or just come back downstairs. 6. Demolition and removal packaging if the customer and VIPU Supply Chain contract terms of the attached to clean up the packaging waste, so when the customer the furniture and baggage to home, VIPU Supply Chain in the packaging, distribution around the furniture packaging team will be demolished, and put the furniture to the customer designated location. Everything is in place, they will be responsible for the packaging waste away. This is VIPU international logistics Supply Chain in your international shipping logistics in the process of returning, involved an overview of the business, which may contain many narrative details. For more information, you can refer to VIPU international logistics service Supply Chain is introduced. If you are from overseas logistics back to China, welcome to contact us or online inquiry to the advisory details.
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