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Handling large-scale logistics transportation process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-14
Large-scale logistics is a perception of the volume and weight of logistics goods. Large-scale logistics is a relative concept. For logistics professionals, it is generally measured by the relative weight and volume of logistics. Large-scale logistics does not specify exactly how much and how large the main body of large-scale logistics is, which is an industry customary title. Characteristics of large-size cargo transportation: Large-size cargo transportation has the characteristics of long length, overweight, and difficult loading. Can some major cargo be lifted onto the ship and put into the cabin; how to place, pad, and lash after loading; how to choose the lifting points and pads during the hoisting process to ensure that the cargo is not damaged and the ship's dynamic stability And how the longitudinal strength changes. There are specialized large-size logistics companies that export large-scale goods according to the characteristics, flow direction, and safety requirements of the cargo, and cooperate with natural conditions such as ports, loading and unloading sites, and roads to export and transport machinery and equipment. As a logistics freight company, what processes need to go through to take over a large cargo? I. The difficulty and risk of large-scale transportation are much higher than ordinary cargo transportation, so it is very important to conduct on-site inspection of the transportation route after receiving the order: the measurement of the bridge load and the feasible height of the culvert tunnel must have detailed data records. First-hand technical data guarantees that it will be more secure during transportation. 2. After the above work is completed, it is necessary to formulate and plan an overall large-size transportation plan: a complete large-size transportation plan can make our transportation process safer, can enable customers to save considerable profit space, and truly achieve large-size transportation. Safe and fast. Third, the next step is the signing of the transportation contract and the arrangement of the vehicle: Of course, reasonable vehicle arrangement is one of the most important aspects of safety in the process of large-scale transportation. The metaphor of tailoring is more appropriate: what kind of goods are arranged for what kind of vehicle is particularly important. 4. Process control and on-site supervision: In the process of equipment lifting and large-piece transportation, experienced and professional personnel must be dispatched to arrange and handle various emergency situations and equipment conditions during vehicle operation. Every step in the large-piece transportation process There can be no mistakes, and the negligence of any detail can lead to serious consequences that cannot be remedied. Fifth, after the goods are handed over securely, a variety of documents such as receipts and other documents are signed and returned to the customer. Make regular return visits to customers, listen to their opinions with an open mind, discover their shortcomings in a timely manner, and sum up experience.
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