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Furniture shipped abroad how to operate to legal duty free? Have limit exemption number?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
For the new immigrants living abroad, Marine furniture can duty-free abroad is very concern. So furniture shipping go abroad how to operate to legal duty free? The number of duty-free limits? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to sum up the experiences of many years of service, to teach you how to tax exemption logistics abroad. Generally speaking, regardless of immigration to which a country, the rights of the new immigrants have a tax-free logistics. Such as: Canada regulations: for people, such as new immigrants and Canadian citizens and permanent residents, in the domestic used more than 1 year or more items can be duty-free access, but within a year cannot be used for commercial purposes or sold; The United States: new immigrants or because of various reasons in the overseas life citizens of the United States more than a year, you can have a into self-use range has been used for more than a year of furniture of luggage and personal property and does not produce tariffs; Australia: Australian citizens of the new immigrants or living abroad, can be in residence have self-used articles and use more than one year and individual property tax exemption into Australia; New Zealand: new immigrants or centered citizens abroad, can be in residence have and use more than 12 months and self-used articles and personal property tax exemption into ( Back to) New Zealand; Singapore: Singapore citizens, it must be lived abroad for more than 6 months above, can be duty-free. For new items, Singapore will impose things worth 3% of the consumption VAT, 销售税) 。 Free furniture what we call the method is based on the immigration rules: the first is your identity, the second is the items is to use a fixed number of year old. But you want to buy the new furniture by sea to go abroad, so how to operate to duty-free. This is what we usually for the customer operation: 1, the customer in the furniture factory to buy new furniture, open the furniture is lower than actual value for furniture manufacturer to the receipt of the list; 2, will be a new furniture shipped to our warehouse, the warehouse will be packed out of the certificate of quality and specifications, will take the furniture manufacturer logo of outer packing all replacement for the outer packing without furniture manufacturer identification; 3, participation in the new furniture, about a third of old furniture, mixed register; 4, a new immigrant duty-free entry clearance process for filing; In this way, the chance will produce tariffs dropped to the lowest, and even produce tariff, tax will not very high. International logistics tariff-free number: if you are a new immigrant, carries personal items are duty free, so to take advantage of this opportunity, as much as you can carry some prices are high in the local country and consumption of goods, often at the same time, it is recommended that you take some commonly used articles for daily use and from China with Chinese characteristics gifts, or for customers like Chinese classic furniture, can take some annatto furniture, sour branch, the furniture such as chrysanthemum pear, to this kind of furniture is seldom buy abroad. Furniture shipping to go abroad to need to pay attention to matters: 1, shipping personal items LCL denominated in charge by volume, of shipment for 2 cubic meters, less than 2 cubic meters of volume calculated at 2 cubic meters. 2, shipping personal items declaration need overseas consignee original/copy of passport and visa and item list. 3, when we choose the international logistics lp, must to its subject qualification and ability to fulfill the contract, so as to determine whether the other party have the carrier qualification and ability to ensure the safety of the goods to the destination. 4, before the goods shipping, we must first understand the contraband and dangerous goods transport limit, lest cause unnecessary trouble, when the customs inspection delay shipping time.
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