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Forwarder shipping costs English expression, it is worth collecting!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Do international freight forwarders friends in operating a variety of international transport documents, often encounter English words. It also often involves various fees, natural times great English do not have to worry about don't know those letters, vocabulary is a little bit less of children's shoes probably draws on a variety of translation software, the entry of rookie sometimes don't know. Small make up is to summarize some to you today, we are doing the costs of international transport often will encounter all sorts of English translation, worthy of your collection. Freight - air freight AIR FREIGHT, sea FREIGHT - OCEAN FREIGHT, local charge - The LOCAL CHARGE electricity fee - SURRENDED FEE and FEE - alone COMBINED CHARGE change single fee - AMEND FEE collection card fees - TRUCKING FEE Courier FEE - COURIER FEE fumigation FEE - FUMIGATION CHARGE making fee - The DOCUMENT FEE cancellation - LOGOUT FEE with FEE - instead 重新 BOOKING FEE inspection FEE - INSPECTION FEE booking FEE - - BOOKING FEE insurance premium Outside the INSURANCE CHARGE fee - 有限公司- Within the LOAD FEE FEE - LOADING FEE clearance FEE - CUSTOMS CLEARANCE FEE inspection FEE - Special handling FEE - COMMODITY CHECKING FEE SPECIAL HANDLING CHARGE THC - TERMINAL HANDLING CHARGE surcharge AMS - Automatic Manifest System automatically Manifest System entry fee for airline BAF - the us and Canada Bunker Adjustment Factor fuel surcharge CAF - Currency Adjustment Factor surcharge DDC - devaluation Destination Delivery at the port of Destination, unloading surcharge is often used to route the EBA - the us and Canada Emergency Bunker Additional Emergency fuel surcharge, EBS - often used in Africa, central and South America routes Emergency Bunker Surcharge Emergency fuel Surcharge, FAF - often used in Australia routes Arg Adjustment Factor surcharges for Fuel price adjustments, special GRI - Japan airlines General comprehensive Rate rises surcharge IFA - what happens Interim arg, Additional temporary ORC - Fuel surcharges Origin Receipt at country of Origin receiving Charge, generally use PCS - in guangdong area Panama Canal Surcharge PCS - the Panama Canal surcharges Port Congestion Surcharge PSS - Port Congestion surcharges Surcharge for Peak Season Surcharge SPS - Shanghai Port Surcharge THC - Shanghai Port surcharges TerminalHandling Charge wharf handling WARS - War Surcharge Surcharge YAS - War Yen AscendSurcharge Yen appreciation surcharge, Japan airlines special air freight terms of air freight fee airport air terminal air freight charge fee of the bills of lading air waybill feeFSC ( Fuel surcharge) 燃料surchargeSCC ( Security surcharge) 安全在上 Charge D/O fee D/O fee ports common terms in packing fee container loading charge ( 包括内陆运费) Dredging port fee for port congestion charge sea freight ocean freight and roll Drayage freight collection card booking booking fee charge clearance fee customs clearance fee operating labor Labour feeor handling charge D/O fee inspection exchange feefor CIP D/O fee D/O fee devanning fee De - Vanningcharge port handling portsur - At release the cost B/Lsurrender rush fee clearance fee emergent declearation change customs inspection fee customs inspection fee for the fee waiting charge storage charges storage fee change single fee amendment charge LCL service charge LCLservice charge, plant quarantine fees animal& Plant quarantine fee mobile crane, mobile crane fee charge and outbound fee warehouse in/out fee charge suitcase container stuffing charge demurrage demurrage charge box demurrage container detention charge truck freight cartage fee inspection fee of commodity inspection fee transfer cost transportation charge sewage charges container dirtyness change bad box cost container damage at cleaning charges container clearance charge distribution fee dispatch at the car delivery FOT ( 免费正轨) T/T handling charge transfer T/T fee entry fee/transit fee I/E bonded charge edit summary: through small make up a summary of the above, believe that friends probably know about the English translation of these expenses. Here, air freight, surcharge on special terms or ports are commonly used terms, these special long term exposure to the last, all international transportation way inside, although collection need friends. Perennial VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for the majority of go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, international logistics of the whole.
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