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truck freight charges hiked by 15% across india: aimtc

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-28
All India Motor Transport Conference (AIMTC)
Today, after the price of diesel has risen, it has increased freight rates nationwide by 15 percentage points.
\"We have decided to pass on the burden of higher diesel prices to our customers.
A. P Singh, spokesman for the AIMTC, told PTI that the freight will be raised by 15 percentage points in India immediately.
He also said the transportation industry could not bear the impact of rising prices.
\"As the cost of basic items will soar, the rise in diesel prices will hit ordinary people,\" he said . \".
Demanding a reduction in the rise in diesel prices, Singh said that the government did not follow the requirements of transportation companies not to increase diesel prices, and the AIMTC has also been \"opening up all our options\" to meet demand.
The AIMTC, the nation\'s largest group of truck drivers, claims to have about 80 lakh trucks.
Yesterday, the government raised the price of diesel by RS 5. 62 a litre.
This is the biggest.
Diesel prices that do not include VAT or local sales tax are up and fuel is then sold at Rs 46.
The capital is 95 rupees per liter, while 41 rupees.
32 liters early.
Diesel prices rose by RS 3 last time.
37 per liter in June 2011.
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