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The security inspection takes you to know the

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-15
With the approaching of the Double Eleven, the express delivery of goods has skyrocketed. Everyone buys a wide variety of goods. So, what about special goods that require special packaging and special documents? The following will give you a detailed explanation of those special cargoes from the perspective of cargo security inspection.

The first thing to understand is that special goods refer to those goods that are affected by the nature of the goods such as: dangerous goods, fresh and perishable goods, goods with strong smell, or high value, bulky or heavy weight of the goods. The general term for goods with special restrictions. Special means that the mode of transportation is restricted, not that the type of goods is special.

A common category is oversized and overweight cargoes, which have different standards for oversized or overweight cargoes depending on the type of flight. It is determined by the volume or weight of the goods, or the goods must be handled by special handling equipment. Overweight cargo by air generally refers to a single piece of cargo exceeding 150 kg. The maximum limit of each cargo depends on the aircraft type and airport facilities responsible for the carriage. Common oversized and overweight cargoes include medium and large-scale machinery equipment and steel products. Important tips for freight security inspection: vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles equipped with internal combustion engines and fuel tanks must be completely drained before shipment, and the fuel tank caps must be tightly closed, because the fuel is a dangerous product.

Valuable goods, valuable goods generally refer to those with smaller single volume and higher value. Common valuable goods include high-end watches, mobile phones, valuable jewelry, cameras and other IT products, and small precision instruments and other high-tech products. In addition, various important documents, materials, bills, etc. are also valuable items. When air cargo is transported by air, it must be indicated in the cargo description column of the air waybill. Valuable goods cannot be mixed with other goods, and mixed goods cannot contain valuable goods. The packaging of valuable goods is generally packed in hard wooden boxes or iron boxes. They must be sturdy and intact, and paper packaging cannot be used, because paper packaging is easy to be stolen and does not meet the security requirements. In order to ensure safety, the transportation of valuable goods is more than that of ordinary goods, and additional additional work is done, so the freight price of precious goods is higher than that of ordinary goods.

Goods with strong odors are best distinguished as special goods because the odors leaked from such goods if they are not tightly packed or damaged may spread to other goods, which may be difficult to remove. Severe will also lead to serious consequences of the aircraft not flying normally within a few days. Therefore, the goods with strong smell must be packed very well, and there must be no leakage of the outer packaging.

The transportation of dangerous goods requires that both the shipper and the carrier have certain qualifications, and those that do not meet the requirements cannot be checked. For dangerous goods, the official website of China Southern Airlines Cargo and the cargo delivery hall have clear graphic instructions, or you can call China Southern Airlines Cargo Telephone 3804219 for inquiries.

Living and fresh and perishable goods have relatively high packaging requirements, and the transportation of goods and animals also requires the quarantine certificate issued by the animal quarantine agency. For the live and perishable goods, it is necessary to book cabins in advance and improve the cargo security, etc. These goods require a specific environment and special storage measures during transportation.

The above are common special goods in daily life. In addition to the freight forwarders who make judgments on the goods shipped, the security personnel are also the main force to investigate and deal with dangerous goods, prohibited goods and special goods. The seemingly harmless cargo may threaten aviation safety at all times, and it is the duty and responsibility of every security inspector to stop them.
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