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Talk about my opinion on Amazon's selection

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-18
Let me talk about Amazon’s selection of products for you:

When it comes to suggestions on product selection, I will always emphasize that the selection of products in the station is the main, and the selection of products outside the station is the supplement, striving for careful selection to avoid blind shop. What is the reason?

It can be said that for most sellers, they do not have a fixed supply, and the goods need to be picked out. In this case, relying on the platform to select products in the station and evaluating the products with good sales and high profits, the platform data can be Strong support for your own selection can naturally improve the success rate of selection, and if you choose from the beginning, whether it depends on the factory's recommendation or on your own aesthetic judgment, it is possible There is a deviation from the actual customer demand, which leads to the failure of product selection.

But when it comes to selecting products in the station, many sellers do not have a clear direction. A purposeless search will not result in effective product selection results. What should I do?

Perhaps at this time, many sellers will always ask whether there are third-party tools to assist in product selection? In fact, the Amazon platform has provided us with a very good selection tool. If you make good use of it, it is not difficult to choose an explosive product.

I insist that anyone who has run Amazon knows that you don’t need a lot of products, as long as you can do fine-grained creation, maybe an explosion of money can make you earn a lot of money, and the intentional seller must have found a store relying on one. The profit of one year of this product is millions. There are too many cases of single product winning on Amazon, but there are few sellers who have succeeded in mass sales. Imagine if you shop 1,000 products, can you still use FBA to ship, if you use FBA to ship, you How much capital do you have to use? If you don't use FBA, how can you ensure that your products can be better displayed and sold?

Successful sellers often rely on other people's experience to simplify their choices and succeed. With others' experience as a foundation, they can avoid detours, simplify their selections, and minimize risks. Do not believe? Try again.
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