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Reverse Logistics-the Right Step Towards Better

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-24

Reverse logistics has changed the concept of doing business today. As the name suggests it refers to the reverse movement of goods in the supply chain management.

Why reverse logistics?

There are many reasons for the growth of reverse logistics in the recent years. And the first reason is that it facilitates recycling of goods that has become a universal phenomenon. In fact, it has such a universal appeal that it is estimated that this would increase dramatically in the next few years. Again, you need these for reusable packaging which has become both a moral as well as legal responsibility for any manufacturing company. This has become an environment imperative as well as economic necessity too. Reverse logistics is also important in the case of certain companies that deal with electronic goods and other hazardous materials which need to be disposed off properly after their usage period gets over.

Reverse logistics constraints

The constraints of reverse logistics are many. Since, it is a relatively new concept the process is quite laborious. This is because moving goods backwards involve tracking the goods in the first place. This is a lengthy process, since only goods that are outbound are tracked in the traditional supply chain management system. And the goods that are to be sent back can be tracked using only the pen and paper, which is tiring and at times also impossible. Again there is the problem of availability of vehicles to transfer the goods back to the base. This may be because the vehicle may have to move onwards to some other port or may not go back to its country of origin. This is where the third party comes into play in the form of a good logistics services company.

How companies offering reverse logistics service work?

As has been mentioned above reverse logistics involve thorough tracking of inbound goods which is a laborious process. These companies are really efficient in dealing with goods that need specialist handling. They also take care to follow all the norms laid down by the federal government for disposing products containing hazardous or potentially hazardous materials.

Hence, take the help of a logistics management company to ensure better reverse logistics services to ensure that the whole process is cost effective and done with the least possible hassle.

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