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Regulations for safe operation of container transport

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
1. Container transportation must be transported by special vehicles. The vehicles must be in good condition. The safety twist lock must be safe and reliable. After packing, check whether the lock pin is firmly locked.

2. When loading heavy containers, the driver should understand the performance of the cargo to prevent accidents caused by damage or impact.

3. When loading and transporting containers, pay attention to whether the door of the container is closed tightly and securely, especially when loading empty containers, to prevent the door from opening during driving.

4. When transporting containers by non-container special vehicles, regardless of whether the distance between empty or heavy containers is far or near, and the carriage barrier is less than one meter, it must:

   1. Equipped with special fastening tools (hoist, steel wire rope, tightening machine) for transport containers.

  2. Vehicle barriers less than one meter high should be reinforced.

  3. When loading a container on a vehicle without a carriage barrier, no matter the distance, it cannot be transported without being fastened.

5. Container vehicles must strictly abide by traffic rules while driving. When meeting vehicles on narrow roads, pay attention to the communication lines, trees and other obstacles above them.

6. When driving, control the speed of the vehicle according to different road conditions. It is strictly forbidden to brake suddenly, especially when the vehicle is turning, to reduce the speed to prevent accidents caused by overturning.

7. When shoveling and lifting containers, special tools (ladders, safety belts) must be equipped. It is strictly forbidden for shoveling, loading and unloading operators to get on and off the container illegally.
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