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Personal belongings in international transport, export need to pay attention to details

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
A, based on what you items and time asked to choose by sea or air freight service: 1. Port to port service: 2 from Shanghai port to destination port or airport. Packaging according to different item with different packing: 1, electric appliance, piano, furniture, ceramics, arts and crafts items, such as heavy or precious, fragile like suggest to pack, and good filling material, in case of extrusion is damaged. 2, daily necessities, books, such as partial light class goods packed in cartons packing will do the following work: ( 1) Shipping mark: the shipper, goods and number written at the top of each box. ( 2) According to the sequence number within the box all items listed detailed list must have item name and number three, customs clearance: A, if you are going abroad immigration: please bring A passport, visa, air tickets, detailed list item B, if you are Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents: please bring Taiwan compatriots certificate ( Or id card) , certificate of study or work, list C, if you are a foreigner: please take the seal, passport, visa, work permit and residence permit, detailed list items ( Signature required) D, travel to purchase goods ( Only for foreigners) : passport ( Copy) , detailed list of goods ( Signature required) , invoice (note: the above documents in customs clearance, must provide the original customs requirements. Four, the port of destination delivery after the ship to the port of destination, the local agency will inform you, you can also agent information shown on the bill of lading, the ship date is to port information query to the port to the company, to handle the customs clearance, pay fee to the agency, pick up the goods. If the consignee within 3 working days did not pick up the goods, will produce a warehousing costs, is responsible for by the consignee. The port of destination customs clearance passport must be consistent with the place of customs declaration passport, and carry cargo list in English. Cargo port of destination delivery guide A personal belongings, if your items are for consignee carriage of goods by agents, 2 - in front of the ship to the port of destination Within three days, the port of destination agent will notify the consignee, as the notified party, the consignee should provide correct and in the normal workday can contact on the way of communication. At the same time, the consignee can also agent information shown on the bill of lading, before the ship to the port to the port of destination agent query the goods to the port of destination information. B, if the goods have been confirmed to the port, the consignee can contact the agent for change single, fee, and then the consignee can entrust in local customs broker to the customs clearance formalities, or it may be entrusted to the port of destination agent to deal with. C, such as customs clearance has been excluded from the scope of agent of the carrier, the fees shall be entrusted with the consignee unit separate settlement. Such as customs clearance of the port of destination agent, customs clearance fee of settlement to the port of destination agent alone. D, cargo customs clearance and delivery destination port related fees to the agency, the consignee can take D/O list to the agent appointed warehouse take delivery. E, note that the port of destination customs clearance passport must be consistent with the bill of lading marked with consignee, and prepare detailed list of goods in English. The port of destination customs clearance documents is different, will be subject to local customs requirements. F, requirements agents do the door, the consignee should be the documents for customs clearance in advance send representative company, customs clearance offspring to send the goods to the consignee designated place, but in advance to door costs include the costs of the car delivery only, if you need crane shall also pay the corresponding handling fee.
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