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Navigation trade people in Marine insurance should pay attention to in practical operation

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Transport by sea is a kind of mode of transportation of the old, since humans began to have trade behavior, shipping has been his shoulder. Today, the shipping status in the field of transportation still handle. Closely linked with the development of Marine insurance is to be both early and perfect. However, in actual operation, many operators for insurance blind area still need to be very vigilant. Small make up the operator in Marine insurance the points for attention during the actual operation to make a simple list and analysis. For 1 time before normal loading should buy Marine insurance, forecast the time of shipment, the insurance policy herb, determine the sailing time, identify the original insurance policy. 2 absolute deductible franchise is absolutely franchise loss within the all is responsible by the insured, the insurer only responsible for more than above deductibles and the compensation within the limit of indemnity. In signing a contract, policy-holder need to pay attention to the contract. 3 when not full specified amount insurance claims paid in proportion, when protecting Suggestions as far as possible full specified amount insurance, according to the actual amount of the invoice amount to fill in, in order to protect the interests of the largest. Method: * (loss compensation amount = amount The forehead/invoice) - Absolutely franchise. 4' Warehouse to warehouse & throughout; Terms under FOB or CFR terms clinch a deal the contract, the seller has no obligation to give goods international transportation insurance, the buyer usually insure the goods for its own interests, under the terms, the buyer of goods have insurance interest is & other; Ship to warehouse & throughout; Non & other; Warehouse to warehouse & throughout; , so if only to the buyer for the insured, whether in the insurance document with & other; Warehouse to warehouse & throughout; Terms, the responsibility of insurance company all are & other; Ship to warehouse & throughout; 。 So in this kind of situation should how to solve? 5 claim when found the goods is damaged, the insured immediately inform the insurance company to arrange the site survey ( Can also be used in the contract with the insurance company small claims from the site survey) Keep the site (in, If the insurance company not to field survey, the insured property losses recorded and take photos, some special cases need to report to the administrative organ) , waiting for the insurance company to judge the damage and inform the claim documents should be provided. 6 online insurance online has been increasingly perfect, its wide range of product selection, purchase coverage is convenient, the characteristics of low prices, more convenient to buy insurance behavior. However, when using, also should pay attention to the blind spot of the operation. Edit summary: the purchase of the operation mode of Marine insurance and other insurance coverage, there is some difference in Marine insurance should be treated with caution. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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