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Logistics to Canada immigration, personal belongings files required for the customs clearance and related customs policy

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Canada has the world's second largest land area, and its highly developed economy, abundant natural resources and mature social welfare security system constantly attract Chinese migrants, so logistics immigrants from China to Canada what are worthy of our attention? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain summed up over the years for many customers to provide the shipping logistics from China to Canada's service experience, now logistics to introduce the immigrants to Canada, personal items needed for customs clearance documents and the related customs policy. A logistics, immigrants to Canada immigration clearance required documents: photocopy of passport; Visa copy; Item listing; Canadian personal items entry clearance form ( B4) ; Two logistics, immigrants to Canada customs policy: 1, the Canadian government regulations, new immigrants or citizens living abroad, can be in settlements have and use more than six months and self-used articles and personal property, tax exemption into ( Back to) Canada, but after the baggage need to log in for the first time, at the airport customs declaration to the luggage after listing ( b4e) , if there are any new items and then declare to the customs, so need to pay the duties in accordance with the customs policy and Canada consumption tax, usually furniture tariffs for 8%, the consumption tax of 13%. 2, Canada customs regulation, after all the baggage, the consignee must go to the local customs office to ask, ask usually at the end of 10 minutes, problem is very simple. 3, to the customs office of customs clearance, need to prepare documents: passport, the maple leaf card ( Or visa) , packing list, after listing to the luggage and Marine bill of lading. Three logistics, immigrants to Canada to note: 1, because of vancouver airport is one of the largest international airport in Canada, in order to alleviate into line, customs since June 2, 2008, was cancelled after the baggage declaration process, instead, all personal belongings, the consignee must wait for after the goods to the port to the customs office near the scene of the customs officials. 2, wenger is refers to the direct flight to vancouver fast-track customers, if the customer is transit, there is no fast track customs clearance, also can be the next plane to the airport staff receives b4 form. To customers in other cities in vancouver Canada move to get on the plane to an entry form ( Each log in Canada are need to fill out the form on the plane) , including special items next time whether there is a will ask passengers want to Canada, select yes. With immigration forms from the immigration office next to a cashier counter, staff will check the 'yes' column signature, after the export of checked baggage customs officer will stamp on the b4 form. 3, such as goods to the port, the consignee because have something urgent to return, an agent can arrange your family or with the certificate, to the local customs, the customs officials suggest to return reason, trust family or agent to customs clearance, the customs will ask and write certificate stamped at the scene. But Canada customs do not allow the family or agent with the consignee's original documents to the customs clearance, such as in this case the customs will withhold certificates and continuous immigration investigation. 4, if you are using a short-term visa and shipping goods to Canada, when customs clearance usually do not impose tariffs, single customs will usually ask you when to leave to take away these items, and may charge you a deposit. After 5, more than 95% of the customers for the luggage to the list of the items shown in, and the actual item is more or less discrepancy, normally the consignee details to the customs officials after tax-free customs clearance. 6, according to the Canadian customs policy, the consignee must be landing in a year to live overseas items shipped to Canada, but many customers use 5 - Six years later to carry goods to Canada, rare generate revenue, but customer need to prepare sufficient reason to persuade customs officer. 7, when all the items in a few items for the new, and then declare to the customs, in accordance with the customs policy to see they can impose tariffs, lead to the actual situation is often not to impose. 8, when all items are in the most items for the new, the customer will often used items and new items unified change the packing after reasonable declare at the customs, and to evade taxes. 9, if you plan to declare to the customs a new items, please get ready for buy in domestic goods receipt or invoice, to avoid the customs officer can provide targeted on the goods value when in doubt. 10, Canada ikea as domestic prices, high-grade furniture will be 4 - higher than domestic 5 times. 11, Canada voltage of 110 v, need to pay attention to electrical voltage problem. 12, Canada mattress is too soft, does not conform to the Chinese people sleep habits, the mattress has a high price; Advice from domestic to buy into Canada. 13, the curtain of Canadian style price is high, less advice from domestic to buy into, in the bookcase, bookcase and takes too much volume would not be affected. 14, packing list, and after listing to the luggage: the difference between a detailed packing list for each item number, such as: a bed, will be divided into the head of a bed, bed end, bed frames, bed board, such as multiple parts, and then to the luggage list only shows a bed.
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