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freight forwarder dsv pins growth hope on e-commerce

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-26
Danish freight forwarding DSV (DSV. CO)
Will increase investment efforts to meet the growing demand for services such as e-commerce.
Business and address competition from new players including Amazon. com (AMZN. O)
Seek greater role in the logistics supply chain.
DSV provides complex transportation logistics services for enterprisesto-
Business customers, but now want to expand its e-commerce
In an interview, CEO yens Björn Anderson said that due to the rapid growth of internet sales, business service companies saw great potential.
The expansion will include hosting web pages, providing warehouses for companies wishing to sell products online and processing returns.
\"We can\'t ship pallets from warehouse to warehouse,\" Anderson said . \".
He commented on the stock of DSV, whose main competitors include Kuehne & Nagel (KNIN. S)and Panalpina (PWTN. S)
, After the release of the forecast, rose more than 3%, a record high
Profit and raise the forecast for this year.
The increasing use of online services by major players in world trade is seen as a risk to traditional freight forwarders, as companies such as online retailer Amazon and container shipper Maersk shipping also join them
Traditionally, shippers book space for goods through freight forwarders, such as goods on container ships, but some shippers now allow shippers to book directly through the Internet.
\"We are watching it very closely, speeding up our digital strategy and putting a lot of money into new products,\" he said . \"
While the industry is undergoing change due to the addition of new players, Anderson believes that nothing other than Amazon\'s move is a real threat. Amazon (AMZN. O)
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Therefore, it can deliver packages to customers faster and reduce the cost and uncertainty of relying on third parties.
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