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Foreign media: amazon indirect request third party sellers _VIPUTRANS on competition platform

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-21
On August 6, according to foreign media reports, to provide consumers with the most preferential price, amazon has begun urging its suppliers in other competition platform, electricity network operators improve the price of the same products on the site. And according to the international logistics, amazon is not open to the third party sellers must increase its product prices on other platforms. But in some cases, amazon for these third party vendors provide two choices, or reduce the price of their products on the amazon website, to match the competition platforms such as walmart or eBay prices; Or increase the product price competition on the platform, and sellers tend to choose the second solution. In addition, amazon will scan third-party product price on its platform, and then compares and wal-mart, eBay and other competition platform. If detected the same items from the same seller in other competition platform is more favorable price, will be sending the notice of price difference to third party vendors, and was told that the business may lose some promotions, such as higher ranking of search results, Prime transport business and access; 现在购买” Button, it is because of the price difference may lead to lower sales. The bloomberg reported that antitrust experts said that amazon's policy may cause the review of congress and the federal trade commission, the commission has recently took over the company headquarters is located in Seattle's jurisdiction. So far, the criticism of the amazon market forces concentrated in it whether the mining of the dealer sales data to launch competitive products, and then use its dominant position to make the original product more difficult to find in the market. ; Monopoly charges is involved in the market is one of the standards of business practices, and damaged & throughout; Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jennifer Rie, said; Amazon's current conditions are likely to be seen as illegal, eventually because the people like shopping at wal-mart eventually have to pay higher prices.
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