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DHL Gives Mio Better Inbound Logistics Control

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-28
Distribution, LogisticsDHL International Supply Chain has developed a purchase order (PO) management and visibility solution for the Swedish home furnishings retailer Mio. The solution provides Mio more control over inbound orders from eight countries to reduce detention and demurrage costs while improving intake planning for distribution centers.DHL will provide PO management and visibility for approximately 4,500 TEU shipping containers coming to Sweden from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia, and Taiwan. DHL's solution gives Mio more control by allowing exceptions so that orders may be sped up or slowed down as needed. Read more here: https://www.dpdhl.com/en/media-relations/press-releases/2019/dhl-partners-with-mio-for-end-to-end-visibility-and-control-of-purchase-orders.html
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