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Be repatriated in Japan to buy the piano

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
People often call VIPU recently international logistics Supply Chain of the personnel of the service, advice on how to buy the piano be repatriated in Japan related issues, therefore, under the small make up according to the Marine piano home service experience for many years, summed up the how to buy the piano be repatriated experience in Japan, as follows: first of all, the piano belongs to large valuables, shipping cost will be very high, plus entry tariff, expensive, so be prepared for. If it is worth a good piano, then consider by air or by sea. Air freight price is more expensive, but take great advantage in speed and maneuverability is strong, the other air ground operation process link is strict, the management system more perfect, which makes the goods damage rate is very low, safety is better. Shipping prices are relatively cheap, no requirement to transport goods volume size, but with a long cycle time, suitable for big luggage items, as to how to choose to see your demand. Second, no matter choose by air or by sea, the most important thing is how to package the piano. Piano piano according to the structure is divided into three feet and upright piano, upright piano is in commonly 200 to 240 kg weight, horizontal piano is in commonly 290 to 490 kg, structure is relatively complex, packaging both don't separate the piano parts. If due to space limitation and other special reasons, must be limited under the guidance of professionals disassembly. Packaging the piano, first in the piano the outline of the original body with bubble wrap package, with kok paper protect the edges and corners, tape winding, finally into a custom nail wooden cases. Packaging is how to handle after the completion of the work, because the volume of a piano is larger, it usually takes 3 - Four men to move to the truck. A person hold the piano one horn, even make force, in accordance with the piano itself towards translation to the truck before, carried on a truck in front of the two forces to piano get in the car, immediately behind the two conveniently push up body, keep the piano body balance, both before and after the same high then pushed into the truck. Any one don't too hard and cause the piano body tilt out of balance, team members how to cooperation is very important. Transport the piano also banned rainy day. Finally, when your piano after back to home, how piano in place, what are the considerations? As follows: 1) Don't place around the piano has serious corrosion gas, in case of metal surface oxidation. ( 2) Don't place near beside the piano or heat source place, want to make more than 2 meters apart, in case of wooden pieces deformation by baking. ( 3) Piano don't placed under the air conditioning or air conditioning air conditioning direct, placed quenching heat change of the quality of the piano. ( 4) Piano not placed in direct sunlight place, to prevent parts deformation cracking and change the quality of paint film. ( 5) The placement of the piano environmental requirements keep relative humidity is the most appropriate between 40 ~ 70%. Also require the room well ventilated and sunshine illuminate, in such an environment, can restrain the moth and mildew. ( 6) Jean back don't close to the wall, should have more than 10 cm clearance, such as conditional sideways and best is on the corner. ( 7) When jean placed on the ground floor, should raise some harmonica and foot pad a few pieces of wood or the wheels with boards as a platform. If use cushion block is lost in the wood slot and fixed with the ground, to prevent the move and fall. That is about how to buy the piano be repatriated in Japan, if you want to know more information about handling the piano back, you can inquire VIPU international logistics customer service Supply Chain.
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