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VIPU Supply Chain customer answer ( The first phase)

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Customer: excuse me, to provide a passport and visa pages scanned, I am WeChat hair or directly in the email you answer? It is best to email, there are record of customer: why don't I have a small vacuum cleaner suggest taking? Destination to Australia, especially strict with dust and so on, will list what you take, will tell the customs, will increase the inspection probability, because foreign customs will check for dust cleaner, if you have, will ask us for processing. Customer: I'm with the vacuum cleaner is new, there is no dust at all? So it is not can't, take can take, but will increase inspection probability, only the customs inspection is present, if the belt, may produce additional cost, it is the customs unpacking, devanning fee will exist, 2 it is to affect the speed of customs clearance. Customer: I'm with a kitchen knife of articles, can you take? Write the kitchen products to the customer: WeChat named code such as: NPT16101210 what meaning be? The contract number of this is that you, also can understand of the shipping mark for your goods customers: I hope you want to send some carton over here to me, trouble to arrange the big carton: 40 * * 60 cm, 50 small carton: 45 * 30 * 30 cm, do you think to send you first ten big carton is enough? Sorting: VIPU Supply Chain international LUCY
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