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VIPU international logistics Supply Chain consolidation services is introduced

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Consolidation services is what? VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp in traditional international logistics based on door to door service, with many customers and base, using the company platform influence and charisma, focusing all customers goods to the warehouse, unified loading container straight spell to a foreign place, in destination customs clearance after the completion of dispatch to the customer designated address. What are the advantages consolidation services? Save money on all items into the container, the client can effectively save the sea freight cost and operation cost of each link. Cost-effective ultra-low concentration of freight prices, also enjoy the international logistics value service door to door. Straight spell safety items uniform loading container straight spell abroad, reduce frequent transportation loading and unloading link spell ark, increase the safety coefficient of the item. Simple procedures in accordance with the agreed estimated arrival time in advance and fixed packing and shipment straight spell, need not long time waiting for the goods. Aging stability estimate arrival time in advance in accordance with the contract, a fixed schedule using the straight, don't need long time waiting for the goods. Which countries are currently consolidation services? The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, VIPU Supply Chain provide consolidation services.
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