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The FBA _VIPUTRANS shipping bulk cargo door to door

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-28

The transport by sea is one of them, international shipping is China to the United States the main mode of transportation in international trade, our country most of the import and export goods in the United States, transportation by sea transport way. America's shipping time is decided by destination, shipment and so on factors. Such as Los Angeles to the United States ( LA) If it's on Thursday cut open boat on Saturday, 14 days to arrive. If it is cut open on Sunday ship on Friday, 11 days to arrive. And the same is the city, also is a ship on Friday cut on Sunday, to Oakland To 15 days to reach. Such as to Naples in Italy If it is in Hong Kong on Monday cut open boat on Tuesday, 18 days to arrive. If it is in Hong Kong on Friday cut open boat on Sunday, 21 days to arrive. And the same is the European city, also is a ship on Friday cut on Sunday, in Barcelona, Spain to 25 days to reach. Transport by sea is the most economical way of cross-border transportation, launched the FBA VIPUTRANS international logistics shipping door to door service, qing dynasty and the tax package, professional agent FBA head cheng transportation, amazon FBA generation of customs clearance, FBA return label, short-term FBA one-stop services such as warehousing, will help you to save the cost.                                

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