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The difference between logistics area and bonded area

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
   Free Trade Zone (translated to foreigners as free trade zone) is an economic and trade zone with isolation facilities and special management. Goods can move in and out freely between the bonded area and abroad, exempt from customs duties and import link taxes, exempt from inspection of licenses, and exempt from regular customs supervision procedures, except for goods that are prohibited by the state for import and export and special regulations.

  , also known as the bonded warehouse area, is an economic area approved by the State Council and under special supervision by the customs. It is currently the most open and free economic area in my country. Its functions are positioned as the three major functions of 'bonded warehousing, export processing, and re-export trade'. According to the current relevant policies, the customs implements closed management of the bonded area. Foreign goods enter the bonded area and are subject to bonded management; goods from other parts of the country enter the bonded area and are deemed to leave the country; at the same time, foreign economic and trade, foreign exchange management and other departments also provide relative preferential treatment to the bonded area. Policy.

The bonded area has the functions of import and export processing, international trade, and bonded storage goods display. It enjoys the policy of 'exemption from certificate, tax exemption, and taxation', and implements the 'domestic customs' operation mode. It is China's most open to the outside world, the most convenient operating mechanism, and the most favorable policies. One of the economic regions of China.

  The international logistics zone is a preparation place for domestic and foreign sales of goods that integrates warehousing, distribution, processing, and multimodal transportation. Its functions mainly include commodity distribution, cargo distribution, and container transfer.
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