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Precautions for FBA first shipment

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-24
Every day, some new sellers often ask about some things about FBA shipments. Recently, I have received feedback from many sellers about the problems encountered in FBA shipments. Today, using this topic, I will make a simple statement about FBA shipments. Summary.

How to pack the products when FBA first shipment?
For product packaging, Amazon does not have mandatory requirements. If your product has original packaging, it is of course good to use the original packaging, but if some products are not packaged in carton boxes, you can also use plastic bags. Just make sure that the products arrive The FBA warehouse is intact, and it can be intact from the FBA warehouse to the customer. If it is not possible to use the packaging box for cost control, it is recommended that the packaging bag should be as textured as possible. After all, safety is one aspect, and the customer experience when receiving the goods is also a very important aspect, from the perspective of cost saving , It is recommended to use self-sealing anti-static bags instead of transparent PE bags.

How to put the product label when shipping?
When the Amazon FBA first shipment is shipped, two labels need to be affixed-the product label and the outer box label. The product label is affixed to the product packaging. This label can be a UPC code label or a product label generated by the Amazon system. For each batch of goods, the corresponding outer box label shall be generated according to the actual number of boxes packed. The product label is affixed to the product packaging (if it is a bag, it is affixed to the bag). One is sufficient. In order to avoid wear and tear during transportation, it is recommended that the outer box label can be placed on different sides of the outer box, or two more. How to print the labels? When the Amazon system generates labels, it is in the format of 24 or 27 labels on a piece of A4 paper. Of course, it can be printed on A4 paper and then cut and pasted, but this is neither beautiful nor efficient. It is recommended to use a label printer to print the labels , The label printer has corresponding editing software, which can be edited and adjusted easily. For details, you can ask the seller who sells the printer. It is recommended to use ribbon + coated paper when printing labels, because if thermal paper labels are left for a long time or get damp, the characters on the labels may fade until they are completely faded.

How to pack and weigh before shipment?
Since the first-haul freight is more expensive, and some products are soaked goods, it is recommended that you can ship them in a combination of light and heavy to reduce unnecessary freight costs caused by excessive bulk. The volume-heavy algorithm is generally length * width * height/5000 or 6000 according to different delivery methods, and some special lines will even divide by 7000. However, no matter what the division is, it is recommended that the seller follow up and confirm every time the goods are delivered to the forwarder to ensure that their goods are not deliberately weighted by the forwarder. After all, there are uneven freight forwarders in the market, and some forwarders do it deliberately. Heavy weight to get the price difference.
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