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Popularization of VIPU Supply Chain: Common English signs and expressions for entry and exit

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Pursuing higher ideals, pursuing a better life, once packed up to go abroad resolutely. In the embrace of the great motherland, perhaps you still can't feel the importance of knowing English. You can see familiar Chinese characters everywhere you go. After landing abroad, I was blinded instantly: Everywhere is so unfamiliar. There are no familiar people, no familiar languages, and no familiar words. They seem at a loss wherever they go. This is a true portrayal of many people going abroad when they enter another country. In order to allow you to better integrate into the life of a foreign country, the editor will popularize some of the most common English signs for entering and leaving the country after leaving the country, so that you can enter the country easily and calmly without knowing English.  Generally speaking, the main means of transportation for us to go abroad is airplanes. We fly from China to airports on the other side of the ocean, so entry and exit will be located in the airport. Today, the editor wants to popularize the most common English signs in the airport or in the entry application documents. Details are as follows: airport signs airport signs airport fee airport fee international airport domestic airport domestic airport international terminal international terminal international departure international departure domestic flight exit domestic departure entrance; out; way out Nothing to declare customs customs gate; departure gate departure lounge departure lounge flight number FLT No (flight number) from... arriving from scheduled time (SCHED) actual time actual has landed landed to departure to departure time departure time delay delayed boarding boarding from here to take the elevator to boarding stairs and lifts to departures greeting arriving at the greeting arriving upstairs up; upstairs down here; downstairs money exchange; currency exchange book a hotel hotel reservation luggage locker luggage locker outbound (outbound, departure) departments check-in boarding pass (card) passport control immigration luggage claim luggage claim; baggage claim International passengers international passengers transfer passengers transfer correspondence transit customs declaration goods goods to declare VIP room VIP room ticket office payment office cash taxi pick-up point taxi pick-up point coachpick-up opint Airline car service airline coach service car rental (passengers driving by themselves) car hire men's; gent's; gentlemen's women's toilets women's; lady's toilets duty-free shop duty-free shop post office sale of rail tickets for trains travel arrangements tour arrangement luggage locker luggage locker Luggage tag air ticket passenger name name of passenger travel stop location good for passenger between booking status status ticket confirm ticket confirm carrier (company) carrier class (fare basis) plane number plane No. seat number seat No. non-smoking seat non-smoking seat family name / surname name First Name / Given Name nationality nationality passport number passport No. country of Origin (Country where you live) to the destination country destination country boarding city city where you boarded city where visa was issued date issue date issue street and house number number and street city and country city and state date of Birth (Birthdate) accompanying number accompanying number occupation occupation professional u0026 technical administrative staff legislators u0026administrators clerk business staff commerce (Business People) service staff service signature signature official use only visa visa birth date birthdate passport number passport No. number control No. Issue At Issue Date Issue Date (or On) Type of Visa visa type (class) Pudong Airport Pudong Airport Hongqiao Airport Hongqiao Airport Maglev Maglev subway subway / metro airport bus airport bus business center business center international, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan boarding International u0026 Hongkong-Macau-Taiwan Boarding domestic boarding domestic boarding terminal Terminal Long distance bus parking garage Parking lot Hotel shuttle bus for hotels meeting point meeting point up escalator up escalator up down escalator escalator down barrier-free toilet facilities for disabled person luggage storage baggage deposit lost and found lost and found
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