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Novice small sellers do Amazon fba, how to choose the best logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-26
We all know that Amazon is currently in the peak season. How to save the cost budget during the peak season is something that every seller is considering. This is especially true for novice sellers. If the sales volume is not good in the early stage, the logistics cost should be considered. So, when we do Amazon fba, how to choose the best first-way logistics? First of all, I think everyone is the same as me. As a newcomer to Amazon, they will choose fba for delivery. There are two reasons. First, if you want to make your products stronger and bigger, fba must be done, the platform also encourages sellers to ship with fba. Although Amazon does not force sellers to use FBA, there is no problem without using FBA, but from the perspective of account maintenance and sales growth, using FBA is very necessary. As a seller, use FBA to ship and your goods are in Amazon's warehouse. From this point of view, Amazon does not need to worry about whether you will cheat or not, this can greatly reduce the platform's concerns about your reliability as a seller. Novice small sellers do Amazon fba, how to choose the best logistics? . Jpg is very beneficial for new sellers to maintain account security, at least it can reduce the probability of the account being Under Review. At the same time, as a seller, it is naturally oriented towards sales promotion. The statistical results of the platform show that, when the indicators are similar, the sellers who use FBA will have a sales growth of more than 20% in sales volume compared with the sellers who ship the goods. Even for the increase in sales volume, it is also necessary for new sellers to use FBA for delivery. Second, another data is that on Amazon platform, about 39% of the orders are delivered through FBA. As a seller, if you operate by self-delivery, it means that you have directly lost your advantage in competing with these 39% sellers. Therefore, in this sense, the reason why new sellers want to adopt FBA is not because the platform has a threshold, but because it is not outdated in actual operation. After knowing this, then we will choose the first-way logistics method to deliver the products to Amazon warehouse in the fastest way.
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