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Looking for international logistics lp logistics, in addition to explicitly stipulated in the contract costs, there will be additional costs

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Many customers looking for international logistics lp after shipping personal items to the overseas, may in case of need to pay additional fees that will make you feel uncomfortable, it has to pay the full cost of but why should pay? ! In fact this is not because the international logistics lp, under normal circumstances, the international logistics lp is charge standard, and is a sign of the contract, won't collect fees in disorder, but for some reason can lead to the production of some of the extra cost, it need customer to bear. So normally, besides the cost of international logistics clear in the contract, there will be any additional costs to produce? International logistics costs generally consists of fixed cost and variable cost, fixed fee will be stated in the contract, such as packing, freight, sea freight, customs clearance fee, port charge, destination port door service, etc. , in addition to this fee belong to floating charge, the causes are as follows: 1, the inspection fee caused by customs examination box railway demurrage in general, the customs inspection proportion of one factor is the maximum number of computer audit, have been supervised this is random, without any reason, cause, like to buy lottery tickets, and some inspection due to declare value deviation is too big, and the market have a problem or provide documents, etc. In general: China customs inspection rate is higher, the United States, Canada customs inspection rate is low, Australia, New Zealand belong to the customs shall check the countries, and based on the depth of the inspection, different countries inspection cost difference is bigger, sometimes hundreds of dollars, or more, in addition, when produce inspection is also a cause of tank demurrage railway fees, so international logistics lp to make quotation, it is difficult to put these costs included, so are generally advised clients if inspection is real-time pay. 2, because of your goods does not conform to destination country policy and the tariff, the consumption tax to new immigrants immigration countries usually have a benefit, i. e. , the use of the personal belongings of a certain period can be duty-free entry. Some regulations of the state, use for a year or more items can be duty-free, and some of the provisions of the state for more than 6 months with the item can be tax-free, countries there are only a tax on electrical appliances and other goods duty-free, etc. For new items, destination countries generally is to tax on consumption tax and tariff, such as Australia a 5% tariff on new items and 10% consumption tax, different national tax rate is different, so the costs are generally in the destination countries after the creation of customer according to tax bills to pay. 3, because of you in the address of the destination country cannot dock collection card and the parking fee or pay it in general, the international logistics lp delivery time in a foreign country is to use a container shipping to the customer home, then stop discharging carrying things upstairs, but some people who live in downtown or container trucks are banned some communities, cause the container truck can't into or unable to dock, or because the door is not free of large vehicle parking and produce high parking fees or fines, these are all international logistics lp when making quotation cannot know clear misrepresentation or customers, lead to the parking or pour goods fee, etc. , these costs are borne by the customer,. 4, the furniture of the cost of assembly and carpenter, electrician, cleaning because of the needs of customers paid the service fee in the destination delivery, such as the standard in the international logistics service contains only transport the goods to your home and put in place, remove the outer packing of goods, the assembly simple furniture and clearing away packaging waste, etc. Complicated structure or if your furniture is brand new furniture, this time will you require personal assembly is paid according to the working hours. If you really need extra service, suggest looking for special furniture assembly in local master or and personal communication specific delivery fees, international logistics lp is generally will not take the paid service charge. That is in addition to the international logistics cost stipulated in the contract, the other need to pay the cost of their additional reasons, these reasons in general, in the customer with the international logistics lp before signing the contract, the salesman and customer said, so if you have any questions you must ask the salesman.
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