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Logistics abroad immigration, furniture and other goods packaging material how to choose?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Immigration logistics, want furniture items such as transportation safety, packaging is a very important step, is relatively the choice of packaging material is also very important. So immigrants logistics abroad, furniture and other goods packaging material how to choose? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain small make up according to the experience of the previous service, put forward the following Suggestions. 1, outside choosing waste is hard thick ( Five layer) Outside packing, it is suggested that in the post office is special, waterproof plastic is hard, but also ( Is the price is more expensive) 。 Size should be slightly bigger than a need to mail goods; How much? Width each amplifier 6 cm high, in order to use fillers. If the box is too big, can also modify themselves a little bit, so that the packaging is also of great benefit to you. Suggest you can go to the recycling station to buy boxes ( Too dirty, put the box carefully to keep good friend sent in) , the price is cheap, is compared commonly big boxes in 1 - 2 yuan a. 2, choice of filler filler is best in foam plastic ( Recycling) Benefit is; Easy filling, weight is light, elastic, good buffer. The goods has played a good role. Packaging in place, the damage rate is very small. Other items fill ( Such as: paper, cardboard, etc. ) Heavy weight ( Have to pay for a lot of postage) , inelastic, packing is good, after a couple of shakes is loose, the buffer role, the merchandise is extremely unsafe, the damage to the goods is very common, packing: items placed in the outer packing as the location, six sides evenly with foam plastic plug tightly, carton is a little deformation, it doesn't matter, sealed packing tape is forcibly shake, items for the best. ( 1) On the outer packing with marker pen write: arts and crafts ( For roughly similar goods) , this will reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble, or were neutral can, effect is the same. ( 2) Post & other; Red cup & throughout; ( Red color glass printing, fragile sign) , it will be more safe. Because the bearing & other; Red cup & throughout; The parcel will put them in a smaller parcels, this will avoid the backlog of overweight and produce damage. Need to pay attention to the matter, if you choose international logistics lp as internal migration from logistics to foreign service providers, so these don't need you to consider the choice of packaging materials, after all, the international logistics lp as high-end logistics lp used packaging materials more professional, for large items furniture appliances such as fear of collision, the international logistics lp will use packaging materials, such as bubble wrap outside will be wrapped him in cardboard cartons according to its shape, size, can ensure that the furniture and home appliances in good condition. And, of course, the international logistics lp use of packaging materials and foam pad, and so on, these foam pad will be put in the cartons, collision time buffer effect. Currently on the market also appeared a lot of new type can protect the furniture and electrical appliances and so on supplies packaging materials, if want to know the stand or fall of logistics lp also might as well from details the use of logistics lp material aspects.
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