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How to send to Australia? What are the matters needing attention

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Domestic relatives and friends a lot of moved to foreign countries, there are a lot of children have gone abroad to study, but it is not very convenient, mainland China send something that can't send that can't send very troublesome. How to send something to foreign countries, what are the considerations? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to summarize experience of a few years to send things to Australia, put forward the following Suggestions: 1, first of all, pay attention to the relevant test send limited under Australia, look at your items if you want to send in violation of regulations. Prohibited delivering: parcel send private letter, food, animal products, legumes, fruit, meat and meat products, agricultural products, seeds, seed, deer antler, all kinds of paper fruit packing cases, the prisoner made products, counterfeit currency, weapons and firearms. 2, what you want to send packaged in a box, be sure to pack. With good foreign friends and relatives to confirm the detailed address, telephone, zip code and other information. 3, choose the way to you. ( 1) China post EMS: through the China post to Australia mainly choose EMS international express delivery, postal service EMS customs clearance ability is strong, can undertake some such as food, medicine and so on other express transport goods, not the EMS international express delivery also has obvious disadvantages, quotation is too high. ( 2) Four major international express company, the main advantage of the four major international express company is time-sensitive, from communication to express company to the recipient receive packages often only need within five working days. But four major international express the princess to business objects for business international express delivery parcel, send parcel to abroad in the form of business is very easy to produce tariffs, high price is also a very important factor. ( 3) International express agent: looking for a professional international freight agency, combining with the advantages of several companies, comprehensive treatment and, timeliness, clearance capacity and other advantages. VIPU international has diversified international air Supply Chain channels, including DHL, EMS, Fedex, Ups and other well-known international express the level of the agency, the price is only for official price 30% 50%. VIPU Supply Chain international team of consultants with rich professional knowledge and experience, the masses of customers to provide a full range of international express/parcel air freight service and consulting
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