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How to Save head-to-head freight for fba head-to-head logistics service in the United States?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-23
Amazon's various costs are an important research topic for Amazon sellers. For example: visible cost: value cost, packaging cost, head-to-head cost of China to destination country, FBA storage cost, FBA distribution cost, Amazon platform transaction deduction point 15%, keyword click advertising cost. Invisible cost: return logistics cost, return platform deduction point, inventory unsalable cost, company employee cost, etc. Fast Logistics timeliness is Amazon's 'other leg '. Taking the US market as an example, when the seller uses FBA, almost all orders can be delivered to the door within 2 days. This time limit brings a very good consumption experience, which is very conducive to the establishment of the seller's platform reputation, in turn, it has greatly increased its ranking and brought more orders. Many big sellers with thousands of orders at sunrise have improved their business quality and quantity after FBA was enabled. Now, more and more Amazon sellers realize the importance of using FBA. However, there are many blind spots in the real operation. For example, the cost of FBA head-trip transportation is not small, how to reduce it? Amazon is only responsible for receiving goods, not for distribution and customs clearance. How can sellers smoothly deliver the goods to Amazon FBA warehouse? What are the different requirements for sellers to deliver to FBA warehouses in different countries? How does the seller save the first trip freight: the first trick: reasonable distribution, as far as the LCL is concerned, the distribution settlement Standard for Local trucks in the United States is not settled by cubic or kilogram, nor is it based on pallets. For example, sellers who often make FBA first trips will find that the delivery cost of trucks does not increase linearly with these data, and the delivery price of two cubes is not much more expensive than that of one cube. The main reference is based on which interval the total cubic count falls and the height of the tray. The total cubic number of the distribution is 2. The whole multiple of 5 m³, the total height of each two trays is close to 2. 4 meters, instead of each pallet playing the FBA warehouse requirements 1. The height limit of 8 meters. In this way, local US billing rules can be used to reduce unit cost. Of course, this cannot be generalized. In addition, there are also some factors that will affect the unit cost of the head trip, such as the name of the product and the proportion of weight and volume. How to Save head-to-head freight for fba head-to-head logistics service in the United States? . Jpg's second move: when using the tail cabin, the traditional LCL company often reserves some flexible cabin space when collecting goods to calculate the LCL cabin space, and the actual packing will not be allowed due to the arrival number, or customs declaration and other reasons, vacated part of the tail cabin. Since FBA's initial business has a unified consignee and a unified trade document, it can make better use of these tail cabins than traditional LCL. Some small batches of goods that are not in a hurry can be shipped near the schedule, capture these relatively cheap tailboats. The third trick: Mini LCL is currently dozens of kilograms of small batch of goods, sellers often use commercial express delivery to FBA warehouse. However, it is not all because the goods are more eager to enter the warehouse for sale, but because the way of shipping small goods is more expensive than commercial express delivery. This is because the traditional billing method has a minimum billing amount for both the first-course shipping LCL and the second-course truck distribution, and a professional company with sufficient scale can completely lower this threshold. It includes mini LCL channels Under 67 kg. Mini LCL is a suitable choice for those small goods that are not eager to enter the warehouse and those small goods that are distributed in multiple FBA warehouses at one time, can significantly reduce head-trip costs.
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